North America, Europe · 7 Days · 24 Moments · June 2017

Jenn's tour through Ireland

7 June 2017

Our last stop, The Ploughboys Pub. What a ton of fun!!!! Kayla loved the Irish Folk Dancers and was sung to for her birthday by the Ploughboys!! So sad our time in this beautiful country has come to its end but Kayla and I have made a vow to return one day!! Thank you Ireland!
Next stop, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The choir sounded angelic and people who were there to just merely sight see got the gift of a lifetime. You could’ve heard a pin drop once the choir began. Such a beautiful church!!
Trinity College and free time in Dublin. The harp pictured here is the harp that is on the Euros. The Trinity library is incredible!
Good morning from Dublin! The best way I can describe the City Centre (downtown) Dublin is to say it is like the NYC of Ireland. Hustle hustle hustle, being practically knocked over by folks who don't apologize but rather, just keep hustling. Loud and tons of construction. The silver we will watch the finest HS Concert Choir in Indiana perform in the most renowned cathedral in Ireland, St. Patrick's! A visit to the oldest university in Ireland, Trinity, and an exciting evening show at Ploughboys will be the final stops on our tour.....

6 June 2017

Fun free time in Galway! Ate lunch at the oldest pub in Galway, The Kings Head Pub and finally found an ale I ❤️! Partook in a special refreshment with a dear friend, thank you Scotty!! Made the lonnnnng bus ride back to Dublin very RELAXED. 😂
St. Nicholas Cathedral est. 1320. This cathedral is in Galway which is set on the coast. St. Nicholas is the saint of sailors. Sailors would return from trips and go to this church to give thanks for their safe return and pray for safety and success on their next voyage. It is suspected that Christopher Columbus stopped here before arriving to America.

5 June 2017

The town of Ennis, Ireland.....this is where the Matchmaking Festival occurs each September.
Our visit to The Cliffs of word...BREATHTAKING!
We got to sleep past 6:30 this morning!!! Hurray!!!!!!! After a delicious breakfast we are on the bus headed to the Cliffs to see more of the beauty that comprises this wonderful country!!

4 June 2017

Then, we attended Mass at the Redemptionist Church and the choir sang throughout it. Afterwards, we attended a Medieval Banquet at Bunratty Castle and the children sang for our supper! Kayla was wished a happy early birthday by the Lords and Ladies of the castle, what a surprise! A wonderfully evening!!!!
The Bunratty Castle. We enjoyed tea and cappuccino as well as sweet treats at the Tea Room. Again, absolutely beautiful!

3 June 2017

The Varsity Singers first concert in Ireland. And yes, this proud mom had silent tears rolling down my cheeks through its entirety. The acoustics were amazing!
More from Blarney.....
Running a bit behind! Yesterday was so busy. Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone and yes, we kissed it!
A delicious breakfast with a beautiful view and now on to Blarney Castle!

2 June 2017

We find ourselves in Cork at the Kingsley for a much needed night of good rest at the end of day 1. Dinner (I chose the roasted lamb stew) was delicious 😋! Tomorrow it's off to Blarney Castle and the Blarney Woolen Mill and closing the day with Varsity Singers first concert! I'm off to bed!
Rock of Cashel/St. Patrick's Rock. It's beauty moved me to tears. Astonishing.
Phoenix Park - Here we saw the Presidential home, Beautiful Nature, I explored and found an old cobblestone jail bridge and perhaps the most impressive sight was The Papal Cross erected in 1979 where the Pope held mass outdoors for a million plus crowd. Just gorgeous!
Off the plane and on the bus headed to Phoenix Park in downtown Dublin before heading to the rock!
When you get no sleep on an international flight, it is CRITICAL someone "take premium coffee to new heights!" Gonna be a long but fun day!! Landing in less then an hour.

1 June 2017

Pre-dinner refreshments....nom 😋 nom
On the plane and taking off in 10! Here goes everything! Next stop.....Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪!!!
Boarding pass ✅ security clearance ✅ Varsity Singers are cleared to board in an hour!
On our way to O'Hare!!