Europe, North America · 1 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Jenn's Adventure in Iceland, Spring 2017

10 April 2017

And that ended my trip to Iceland! $415 round trip airfare LAX to Dublin with an 18-hour layover in Iceland, from 1pm to 6am. Totally worth it. On to Dublin and then Glasgow next!

9 April 2017

9 hours after arriving in Iceland, I stood outside the Blue Lagoon at 10pm, and realized my only option for transportation to my Guesthouse was by taxi. A very expensive taxi, $60. So I hitched a ride with some guests from a guesthouse down the street from me. I paid the shuttle driver just $8, and booked a ride for the morning, to catch my flight at 6am. Not much time to sleep tonight! My guesthouse was wonderfully warm, & they even had a fridge in the common area with snacks left for me, by room number. I tried to charge my device in my room, but discovered I'd brought the wrong plug! Square peg, round hole... luckily I had my portable battery charger ready to go. And I slept soundly. For 4 hours. I was in the lobby waiting for my shuttle at 4am. And 4:15am. And 4:30am. Other guests left. Panic! The lobby had the $$ taxi phone number taped to it, and they said they'd be there in 10 minutes. But then, another guest walked thru, and asked if I needed a ride. Yes! Thank you Ahmed!
What could be better than a fine meal, ale tasting, and northern lights? A 40-minute shuttle ride back to the airport? Not quite yet, but just down the highway from the airport is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal hot springs with a swim-up bar... Oh. Yeah... :-) I just so happened to have my bathing suit on me, and only had to rent a towel and a locker to hold my luggage and clothes, for my evening soak. I tucked my hair up into a swim turban I also brought with me, to protect my hair. Warnings about making sure to coat your hair in conditioner, or it would turn dry and harden for the next week had me paranoid about my long tresses. Every woman in the hot springs made covetous comments about my swim cap idea - and sure enough, no damage at all to my hair! And the soak... some areas were cooler than others, but I could wade around to the hotter sections, and even visit a pounding waterfall for a massage. Nice!
After a very satisfying fish dinner and flight of ales, I headed down towards the harbor, where they catch ~ gulp ~ fish, among other things. I happened to see the northern lights on the way there. Haha, no, I went to the Museum of Northern Lights and got to experience them from a heated auditorium instead of out on the frozen tundra in winter. Which it was not. Winter, that is. Only spring. Brrr!!!
Next stop was a walk downtown for a meal and much needed refreshment. Wait, what's that on the menu? No!!!!! I'm not eating that!! Or that! Or that or that or THAT! Who EATS that?! Apparently, Icelanders will eat anything. Anything. I very much enjoyed my puffin appetizer, minke whale entree, and horse dessert. NO!! I'm just kidding! I had the salmon, and it was delicious.
Reykjavik did not disappoint! It has charm and magnificent views. First stop was the viewpoint from the top of Hallgrímskirkja church.
Arrived at the small airport in Keflavik, Iceland, to freezing temps and a dreary, plantless why was I so thrilled?! A lot of it had to do with the adrenaline burst I get anytime I land in a foreign country. Possibly it was knowing a volcano could erupt at any moment, seeing as how it was long overdue. Most likely it was because I knew that just around the corner, (well, 40 minutes down the road), I would see Reykjavik for the first time.