Europe, South America · 127 Days · 84 Moments · July 2016

Jenni's adventures in South America

2 December 2016

B m. N convo

3 November 2016

Some stunning water falls and features in Pucón

1 November 2016

We found some snow!!

13 October 2016

A night over on Isla Del Sol on the lake, with a beautiful sunset, box of Clos and amazing dinner

12 October 2016

Onto Bolivia and Copacabana on Lake Titicaca

11 October 2016

Rainbow mountain in the wind, snow, rain and hail

9 October 2016


4 October 2016


28 September 2016

Sandboarding, sunset and dune bugging in the sand

27 September 2016

Sunset squad
Oasis town in the desert - huacachina

26 September 2016

Beers and Mexican hats
La playa rojo
Into the desert at Paracas National Park
Quad biking at sunset in the desert
We found our calling
Birds galore
Sea lions galore
Seeing the desert from the sea

23 September 2016

Bein cultural in Lima

22 September 2016

12 courses of 2 Michelin star food - not part of the usual backpackers route! Astrid y gaston
Oh hi Lima

20 September 2016

Laguna Parón with some mates

19 September 2016

Had a spot of lunch on a beach at the far end of a lagoon, surrounded by glaciers for Alanna's birthday - really special day

17 September 2016

Bye bye Loki - you ruined us. Over & out

13 September 2016

Lots of drinking in Loki
Mancora sunsets
Games in Loki

7 September 2016

Bye bye Banos
Casa de Arbol - swinging over the valley from a tree house

5 September 2016

White water rafting
Let's go chasing waterfalls
Mountain biking the valley in Banos

4 September 2016

Horse riding in Cotopaxi National Park

3 September 2016

The struggle up Pasachoa at 4200m
The secret garden, Cotopaxi hostel

2 September 2016

To the refuge at 4865m of Cotopaxi

31 August 2016

Middle of the world! Latitude: 00•00•00

30 August 2016

Good morning Quito!!

29 August 2016

Bloody 26 hours later but finally made it to the Ecuador border, past immigration and onto country #2!

26 August 2016

An evening of Tejo, firecrackers, a crazy Venezuelan and Rambo, the teeny tiny watchdog
Waterfall and organic coffee plantation tour in Salento
Salento horse riding

25 August 2016

Sad saying goodbye to Medellin :,(

24 August 2016

Nights out in Medellin with all the crew

23 August 2016

Guatape rock (which I was not able to climb) and the cute colourful town
Views of Guatape
Paint balling in the ruins of Pablo Escobar's mansion

21 August 2016

Colombian football match; Medellin's Althetico Nacionale vs Bogota #VamosNacionale

20 August 2016

Cable car up to Parque Arvi

19 August 2016

Onto Medellin

17 August 2016

Palomino tubing was a really fun day with Camilla, Sarah and Abi bobbing down the river surrounded by jungle all the way down to the sea

16 August 2016

We managed to get a room at the infamous Casa Elemento after a 40 minute uphill motor taxi ride

14 August 2016

Sunsets over Oscar's
Minca: the little junction hidden up in the mountainous jungle

11 August 2016

Sunset over costeno beach

10 August 2016

Costeno beach - favourite place yet
THE worst sleeping conditions in the most beautiful setting, on the rock @ Tayrona National Park

9 August 2016

Could get used to this morning view
5.45 sunrise

8 August 2016

Back to beach life
And sleeping in hammocks
An hour and half hike to Cabo de San Juan in Tayrona National Park

7 August 2016

The Dreamer "chill out" Hostel

4 August 2016

We found paradise on Isla Grande

3 August 2016

Can't explain the ridiculous nature of this afternoon playing in mud
Bath 2016 take on Cartagena

2 August 2016

City tour around Cartagena; old town, Castillo de San Felipe and La Popa
After mayhem at a local cash point, La Popa looks over the city of Cartagena

1 August 2016

Arrival in Cartagena

31 July 2016

3152m up Monserate overlooking Bogota - made it up the cable car 💪
Took the cable car up monserrate and got great views of the city!
Slothy's first outing
Museo de policia Inc. the jacket and blood stained tile from where Pablo Escobar was killed
First night out in Bogota's biggest 13-room club

30 July 2016

Peace in Colombia ✌️🇨🇴
Bike graffiti tour
"No one wins in war" #noughts&crosses
Day #1 at Fatima Hostal
Museo Botera Inc. Picasso, Degas, Renoir and our new favourite Luis Roldan
Bike graffiti tour

29 July 2016

Night #1 in Bogota
Here we go!