North America · 3 Days · 46 Moments · September 2016

Jen & Paul in NYC 2016

25 September 2016

We decided to head back to the Long Room before calling it a night. Paul really wanted a slice and we searched and searched on the way, and came up blank. By that time I was hungry and decided to get a hot dog in Time Square. A $6 F*cking hot dog!!! $6 American!!! Ridiculous. And no.... It was not amazing.

24 September 2016

While service in NY is slow (and at times, abysmal) the music has been amazing everywhere we've been. Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Hot Hot Heat, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Florence and the Machine.... I could go on but there are too many to count. Earlier we were at a bar that played nothing but really GOOD classic rock. Honestly, it's been a real highlight. ❤️
Next up, drinks at Ginger Man.
Empire State Building at night.
A walk through Madison Square Park. We saw quite a few rats.
A few more shots from EATALY.
More on EATALY because it's worth it. Our delicious meal was Bucatini all'Amatraciana and Cocio E Pepe. Also included are the two Italian beers I had, both from Baladin.
We had dinner at Eataly and it was maybe the best meal we've had in the city so far. I didn't expect it to be. But wow. Simple and fresh and delicious! We also ended up at a perfect table overlooking the shop. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.
We came across this cool little market stand. I managed to buy a couple of hats I'd been wanting.
While walking up 5th Ave, we needed to stop for a pee break, so we popped into a Starbucks. They had these cute little bagel bite snacks. Absolutely delicious!
I decided to stop at this Paris-style "pharmacie" which was supposed to specialize in hard to find cosmetics, but after visiting the real thing in Paris last year, it was a pale comparison. I suppose we're lucky that I can get all of these products at shoppers drug mart. And at better prices. I bought nothing...
I joined Paul at Valhalla for a drink after the quick visit to the Pharmacy. I thought this sign was cute (and dangerous if drinks cost less at that time night!)
My first stop of the day, where Jen quickly joined me. Neat place, I like the Viking theme. Note the cool mead they have.
During our walk we saw where Colbert films.
We started the day with breakfast in bed! Since we spent a small fortune on it, we decided to take advantage of the room and spend a nice morning in it. We ate while under the covers and watching Game of Thrones. It was nice.

23 September 2016

Finally, we met up at La Petite Abeille, a place serving Belgian food and beer. We had cheese croquettes, grilled watermelon and feta salad, mac & cheese and a mushroom tartine. It was all very good. We were totally wiped by the end.
It seems I can never avoid Starbucks 😉. This is the original inspiration for the logo created in the 70's.
I spent the entire visit and had not even made it to the 2nd floor. A quick run upstairs and I was surrounded by dozens upon dozens of Masterpieces. I'm not a huge fan of Impressionism, but if I were, it would have been life changing being surrounded by all of these original Monet's and Manet's. There was an impressive Degas collection including his sculpture of the little dancer, and a large collection of Van Gogh. If I'm being honest, I feel like I've seen a few of these in museums in Amsterdam and Paris.... maybe I'm remembering wrong. The Dutch painting here is VERY similar to one that Paul and i discussed while at the Rijksmuseum. The Picasso is coincidental because it's at a spot that we'd planned to go while in Paris, which we'd read up on quite a bit. And the painting of Pygmalion and Galatea has always been a favourite of mine so it was pretty special to see it person. Even if just for a moment.
An elaborate chess board, Faberge eggs, snuff boxes and a brooch of a male siren.
After dropping off the bottles back at the hotel and having a short rest, I then made my way to Rattle N Hum for a drink or two. Beer portrayed is Sloop Juice and it was delicious. (The pinkie out is a tradition amongst my friends)
There were several rooms that were actual rooms from hotels in Paris, Vienna and Germany from the 1700. Absolutely stunning rooms.
They also have an extensive collection of armour and weapons from the Eastern regions, including an elephant sword and Japanese fighting masks.
An impressive selection of armours and weapons from different regions in Europe.
Fascinating religious artifacts including a rare dove tabernacle, a sermon book from the 1400's, a rosary from Germany that encourages the holder to think of life leading ultimately to death, and the reliquary of Mary Magdelaine which holds a tooth (said to be one of hers).
Some very old grave stones, and some giant jewellery. These brooches would probably cover most of your chest. Unfortunately not all of the items displayed had detailed explanations around use / purpose or traditions. Often they were just described as the objects they were and the time frame they're from. I guess I'd have learned more if I'd paid for the audio tour.
A few more Egyptian items displayed, including a mummy, some very cool earrings, and the Sarcophagus of Wennifer.
The first thing I saw at the Met was the Egyptian exhibit. These are a few excerpts from the Book of the Dead. It was unrolled and mounted all along the wall of the room. Very impressive!
I then made my way to Beer Culture to sample some beers and buy some bottles to take home. Great little spot.
Obligatory Times Square shot.
I decided to spend the day at the Met (though a much later start than intended). After figuring out how/where to get a metro card (and scarfing down a terrible muffin at Starbucks which took way too long to get in the first place), I finally got into the subway. The wrong way.... I also discovered that I'd started my day with a terrible blister on my toe. I nearly gave up on the whole day. I finally managed to switch subway directions and got up to the 86th street stop. Then I had to cut across Central Park along 85th. It seems to just take forever to to get the museum but I finally made it.
With Jen on her way to the museum, I set out to find some Huevos Rancheros -- some much needed hangover cure. Success! Comfort Diner to the rescue.
We begin day 2 with a slight hangover... 😢
Stopped for a nightcap at the Long Room before heading upstairs. Such a great bar (and just downstairs). It's probably the reason we had a late start on Friday.....

22 September 2016

We followed dinner with a comedy show.
We had a lovely anniversary dinner at Murray's Cheese Bar. One of our favourite meals too, meat and cheese.
Dinner at Murray's!
Always have to stop at Vosges to stock up on some of our favourite chocolate ❤️
Met up with Paul for a quick drink at Blind Tiger. Love this old cash register!
First bar is Blind Tiger!
I made an appointment at the Bite Beauty Lab to get a custom created lipstick!
Creating colours and making lipstick! I went in with the intention of getting that "perfect red". I found it! I also got a greyish mauve, which I've always wanted and is impossible to find. The ladies next to me were a lot of fun too. What an incredible experience. Well worth the added cost! 😊
They upgraded us to an Executive King room. There is soooo much space (for a NY hotel room 😉)
Finally boarded... here we go!
Currently hanging out in the Porter lounge enjoying our free coffee and cookies!
Happy Anniversary to us! We're off to New York! Today is 19 years from our first date ❤️. It's also a milestone year of 15 years of marriage (and a few other milestones this year). It was another chaotic start as we prepared to pack and leave for the airport, but we made it in time and security was a breeze.