Israel · 8 Days · 20 Moments · November 2017

Jennifer's voyage in Israel

5 December 2017

Becky and Jana with their JWRP necklaces.
Day 8 - today we had a volunteer experience at One Family. This is an organization that provides financial, emotional and legal support to victims of terrorism. We got to meet some very strong women who had lost children to terrorism. We made boreka’s and pizza. We all purchased cook books and T-shirt’s to further support the organization. Then we had some free time to explore the Old City one last time. After a “Bringing it all together” event at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem we ate a fantastic kosher Chinese dinner at Sheyan. Before leaving for the airport our loyal and super cute Madrachim played his guitar for us. We sang some songs and all had a great time one last moment before leaving. Then we began our adventure to Ben Gurion airport. It took us over 2 hours to get through security. Thankfully we all had time to shop some more before boarding the plane. 😉

4 December 2017

Some amazing pics of our group!

4 December 2017

Day 7 - Tel Aviv Today we took a bus to Tel Aviv. The city reminds me of New York with little shops, cafes and the hustle and bustle of city life. We got to tour the city a bit and learn about the history of how Tel Aviv was created in 1909 by 66 families. We walked to the Carmel Market and saw and ate some delicious foods. We toured Independence Hall and learned about how Israel gained its independence. We also visited the Museum of the Diaspora and learned about the Ethiopian Jews and how they were rescued and brought to Israel. Later that night we celebrated the closing dinner at a beautiful banquet venue outside of the city limits of Jerusalem. We ate, and ate and danced and danced. It was such an amazing evening. I am so proud and humbled to be on this journey.

3 December 2017

Praying at the Kotel underground tunnel wall. My friend Becky captured this for me - I didn’t know she took it, but I’m so grateful she did!
More pics from an incredible day!
Day 6 - wow! What a day 1. Bus to Masada and tour of Masada - incredible! 2. Swim in the Dead Sea, collect salt and enjoy the cafe overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordan boarder. 3. Experience in the desert with camel rides, singing, dancing, drum circle, and then some women who were never given a Hebrew name got their names. 4. Bus back to Jerusalem and then tour of the underground Kotel tunnels (amazing!) 5. Dinner with some truly amazing women at Cafe Rimon at the Mamilla mall.
The most beautiful ceiling light in an Old City home.

1 December 2017

Day 4 - Shabbat eve. We went to a pre-Shabbat candle lighting dance with beautiful music. We lit Shabbat candles and learned how to bring the light of the sabbath in to our hearts and homes. Then we went to the Kotel and danced with the female IDF soldiers and celebrated Shabbat. Dinner was a glorious experience at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem. After dinner our group went back to our hotel (Prima King) and we spoke with one of the trip organizers Donna about her life in Israel. She taught us a Jewish drinking game where everyone says a blessing for each other. It was so special and also a lot of fun. ❤️
Day 5 - Shabbat We had a day of learning and some rest. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the home of very sweet family. The meal was so special for all of us. Then we went for a beautiful Havdalah service in a private home in the Old City which was spectacular. Our night was filled with shopping on Ben Yehuda Street and then some foodie experiences in the Shuk. What a fulfilling day!
Day 4 - earlier in the day we went to some classes to learn about our souls and how to understand what you are passionate about. Then we walked around some more artsy shopping street areas. The glass sculpture is a Chihuly in the Aisha Torah building lobby. The adidas store is in the Mamilla mall and the protesters were outside our hotel in the afternoon.

30 November 2017

Tonight we got personal prayer books and went to the Kotel. It was an incredible experience and much different than my time here in 2000. We danced and sang Hebrew songs and the evening was full of joy.
This afternoon we toured the Old City and learned so much about the history of the Jews. We walked through the Jewish Quarter, the Cardo, and saw the tower of David. We ate a fantastic lunch at a place frequented by locals. It was spectacular!
Day 3 - This morning we had a private tour of Yad Vashem. The new museum is really well done and very emotional. Lots of stories were told and tears shed today in my group of women.

29 November 2017

Ice cream shop on Ben Yehuda Street. I found it funny that the stir had 60mm syringes full of some ice cream topping!
Day 2 - This morning we went to Tzfat and had a tour of the mystical city and saw a lovely synagogue and some beautiful sights! Then we toured the Mikvah and learned so much about this ritual. Then we headed by bus for 3 hours to Jerusalem and had an evening of exploring the city. We walked on Ben Yehuda Street, shopped and ate. A great day!

28 November 2017

Day 1- early this morning we went for a walk on the beaches in Tel Aviv. I hadn’t been there since the summer of 2000. It was so beautiful! After the walk we ate breakfast and then left Tel Aviv and drove north to Zicharon Yakov. The town is a small moubtain village with shops and restaurants. We ate lunch as the Tishbi winery cafe. After lunch we drive north about 1 hour to Tiberius. Checked into the Leonardo hotel and took a nap! Then we went to hear Chaya Lester speak and got an intro to the JWRP program. It was incredible! She told a story about two small piles of salt and how if you put the salt in a small glass the water will taste bad. But if you put the same salt into a river it tastes fresh. She was drawing an analogy to seeing life positively and opening your eyes wide like a river to see all the positive. We went to Dinner and a party at Pagoda in Tiberius. Dinner was salmon, potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, mushrooms, Israeli salad and hummus.
Beautiful paper store and wine at lunch in Zicharon Yakov.
Historical importance of Zicharon Yaakov in the ottoman/British war for Palestine. We also learned about the Rothchild’s coming in to help the immigrants from Russia learn how to cultivate the land and survive.
Breakfast in Leonardo Beach hotel in Tel Aviv. When we arrived the night before we had Champagne and chocolates and a vegetable crudités tray. Then when we checked out the next morning they gave us gifts. The coffee was amazing!