Ireland · 3 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Jennifer's voyage in Ireland

25 June 2017

We met up with Nicola in Dublin and walked around town. It was the Gay Pride Parade so there were loads of people everywhere. We went to the Guiness Storehouse which wasn't all that great. It's not like the typical brewery tours in the U.S., but we got a free pint. I like Guiness, but If you add black currant to It, it is even more lovely. Nicola's husband and 2 sons met us in Temple Bar for some gelato. It was so good to see her again and meet her family. Ireland is always lovely, but now we go to my favorite place in the world...Italia!

24 June 2017

The last time I was in Dublin was March 2005. I had met Nicola and Yvonne while studying abroad in Urbino, Italy. So for Spring Break they took me to Ireland around St. Patrick's Day. My trip was memorable yet unmemorable at the same time. When I arrived at the Dublin airport, my lovely hostesses greeted me with a basket of Irish goodies....which meant alcohol. I was "encouraged" (technically I was forced) to chug a Guiness and take a shot (I think it was a Jell-O shot) and the day took off from there into the night. At one point, I fell in the street and got dirt on my jacket. When I noticed the dirt, I began to cry. (This was about 5 or 6 hours into drinking non stop). I think I was turned away at the next bar for being too drunk. The rest of the night is a blur. I stayed at Yvonne's even though I had a hostel, because as I mentioned before, I was too intoxicated and couldnt remember which hostel I booked. The next day was absolute shit as they say.

23 June 2017

Today we took a bus tour with Tom to Doolin where we got on a ferry to Aran Islands (the small one) and the Cliffs of Moher. The ferry ride was extremely bumpy on the water. Unfortunately, my mom got extremely sea sick. When we got to the island, we waited around in the local pub to see if my mom would feel any better. She did not. So Drew and I jumped on a horse and buggy with Tony, one of the locals, who took us around to see the island. Tony's horse's name was Nikki and his sheepdog/Golden that herded the horse was named Sandy. There was an old shipwreck, a graveyard with a sunken church in the middle, and ruins of a castle on the island. We also got to see Sandy, the notorious bipolar dolphin. They say she's a bit crazy. One day you can go swim with her and rub her belly. The next day she may act aggressive. Ya believe she's crazy bc she's always alone, never in a pod.
Back on the ferry we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. It was really pretty to see them from the water. (Pictures don't do it justice) Then we went back to Doolin to drive to the top of the Cliffs. That view was magical, literally. The clouds were extremely thick so the Cliffs just disappeared once we got to the top. Couldn't see a damn thing! 😕 Tomorrow we head back to Dublin where I'll get to see my friend Nicola, who I met when studying abroad in Urbino, Italy. We haven't seen each other in 13 years!!
Bloopers: Day 3 upon arrival in Galway: We get off the plane and Drew can't find his passport in his bag. "It was right here, but now it's gone." They won't let him back on the plane but the flight attendants go look for it. They can't find it. Then a 4th guy goes to look, and it's on the floor between two seats. (Crisis averted) Day 3, Galway after dinner: My dad thinks it's a good idea to rent a car instead of taking the all too easy public transportation. (I warned Drew before hand, this was a bad idea...) On our way home after dinner, my mom has her navigation system on telling my dad where to go, but he never seems to hear it. So I look at my map and try to help navigate. Dad still doesn't seem to "hear" any of this. So we proceed to miss our turn 5 times!! There weren't a lot of side streets. We had to drive a mile down the road ( across a bridge) to the roundabout in order to turn around each time. There's been a lot of yelling and whiplash in this car.

22 June 2017

We had a sleepless flight to Galway, but we finally made it. We met my parents at the rental car place and drove from Dublin to Galway. Going on 24 hrs. without sleep, Drew and I had to take a nap when we checked into the AirBnB. Then we went out to dinner at The King's Head. Story behind this place is that no one in England wanted to kill their king so a man from Ireland did it. In return, he was given land, which is now where King's Head sits. 😊