United States of America · 2 Days · 12 Moments · September 2016

Jennifer's Weekend to Oregon

19 September 2016

Arrived in Portland after landing on Saturday and missed a train by a few minutes to downtown. The trip takes about 40 minutes which makes us a little late for our reservation. We reserve a Toyota mid size car and head off down the road out of Portland. I'm still a little in the dark...

18 September 2016

We drive back into Portland and find a brewery we've heard of for Todd's Birthday dinner. Deschutes has a lot of beer and good food.
We get to Ape Cave which is specifically what we missed last trip last year and realize we are not equipped for it. You need good light and our phones are not enough . It also sucks the battery. We meet some people and ask them about the cave. Looks like we don't need to do the whole thing. We spend about 15 minutes inside marveling and taking pictures.
We spend all day with no cell phones and see the park. Lots of views and cool places. We hike a couple areas including one with a crazy bridge. Our payoff wAs seeing the Volcano with good weather. We ate some quick food at a cool river spot too.
We make it to the monument entrance and stop to get info from a station. The guy in there gives us such great info we change our day up. We will go up a different side to get views of the volcano then come back down to see the lava area and caves.
We find a hotel in the Mt. Hood area-one of the only hotels available. It's very shabby but it works for the night. The shower was super tiny and the toilet was dirty. We stop next door at McDonald's for breakfast and head out to the Mt. St. Helens area.

17 September 2016

I layer on as much clothes as I have (and look weird) but head down to the venue. We get a glass of wine and a little food and sit on the lawn first. When it is show time we go down to our seats IN THE FRONT ROW!!! One of the best concerts I've ever been to!
We go down the road and now I've discovered we are seeing Tears for Fears at an outdoor winery. We stop at another one on the side of the road which turns out to be fabulous . It's a little busy inside with concert people. The rain clears up and we get some cool views of the vineyard and a rainbow! The best wine there was the Blood Red Barbera. We are feeling great and ready for the concert.
Our next stop are some local wineries. I figure we are going to a concert at this point . We stop at Marshal's winery. It is extremely "ghetto" and run down. The place smelled, the labels looked cheap and the woman helping us was very odd looking. I tried some desert wines and we ran from that place.
After a long drive we make it to Multnomah falls and spend some time there. It's very rainy and wet and very quickly we realize it's going to be cold all weekend. I only brought one pair of jeans and long sleeve. :/
Waiting to board a plane to Portland! Eating breakfast sandwiches and trying to remember what exactly we missed on our last trip. That's where we are going apparently.