Switzerland · 4 Days · 3 Moments · July 2016

Jennifer's trip to Switzerland

30 July 2016

Switzerland Day 2: We all felt surprisingly good, despite drinking the night before, and got a reasonable start on the day. To get to the mountain we took the world steepest cogwheel train to the stop which was stunning. Once up there we walked around a bit and appreciated the views and cold temps for the first time in weeks. It's pretty much the most beautiful place I have ever been. We took the gondola down the other side of the mountain and returned to Luzern by bus. We got fondue for dinner which was fabulous, even Justin liked it. To sum up Switzerland it was the most beautiful place ever but by god was it expensive and in that way we weren't to sad to leave it behind for a place we can actually afford to eat without going broke in.
Switzerland Day 1: We unofficially all ended up deciding to take a down day. Justin slept most of the day, Tyler relaxed and ventured out to hunt Pokemon and Nichole and I hung out until the afternoon when we went for a walk, found a park and laid there reading for a few hours. We decided to head into town to get tickets to Mt. Pilatus and get fondue for dinner. We accidentally planned our trip during a massive music and art festival (Blue Balls festival, imagine the jokes 😜) so getting parked and tickets at the train station took a super long time. We decided instead of fondue to grab a bottle of Absinthe instead since it was getting late, and just hang out at the house. Other than being strong enough to kill a horse and getting a good buzz no one saw fairies and it was somewhat disappointing. I guess it is true that it's nearly impossible to find "good" absinthe nowadays.

27 July 2016

Travel day: Drove from France to Luzern Valley (Hunenberg) with a stop on Guyere, Switzerland to see the Geiger museum. The town was an old walled in town with a castle a few small museums and restaurants. The museum was interesting and different and it was interesting to see art from the creative genius of Aliens. From there we finished the drive and got to our place in a small town with great views outside of Luzern (which is pretty much all of Switzerland it would seem).