Spain · 4 Days · 2 Moments · July 2016

Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer's trip to Spain

23 July 2016

The last two days have been a bit of a bust for us. We both came down with whatever head cold Lexi did and two days ago I made it to the beach briefly then spent the day in bed while Justin left and picked up Tyler and Nichole from the airport then they went for a walk around town. The next day Tyler Nichole and I went to the beach and Justin spent the entire day in bed. Today Justin was feeling marginally better which was good since he's out only driver and we went into Barcelona for the afternoon and visited Casa Batllo, a house designed by Gaudi which was marvelous. Nichole, Tyler and I are going to grab some dinner while Justin goes to bed early since we are driving to France tomorrow.

20 July 2016

Got into Spain this afternoon and drove from Barcelona to Cambrils. The drive was breathtaking and I'm sure the drive up the coast tomorrow will be even more so. Spent the afternoon getting settled in and had a lovely meal with Auntie June and family. Lexi was having a bit of a rough night, still has a runny nose and I think she's feeling her teeth again so I left early. Looking forward to spending more time with everyone over the next few days and getting some better pictures of our lovely villa June put us up in.