Philippines · 5 Days · 4 Moments · July 2017

Jennifer's surfing adventures in Siargao

9 July 2017

Surfing day 5: We were feeling good about our surfing capabilities so we wanted to make the most of our last day. We surfed at 5am, ate, slept, ate again then surfed again at 3:00. I didn't want it to end. I'm already trying to plan a surfing trip to Florida in October! Mark gave me all of his "secrets" so I can catch waves by myself at home. "You have to paddle like a tur.." Turtle? "Not a turtle but the other animal like a turtle." A sea turtle?? "Yes! A sea turtle!" 😂 He's so adorable. In a kid kind of way. He is only in high school! 😳 We tried to get the instructors to go to dinner with us, but it was very awkward and they gave the "maybe we will meet you later" excuse. I hope they didn't think we were hitting on them. They were just super nice and always laughing and playing around so we thought it'd be fun to hang out before we left. Oh well. Hopefully i'll see them next time. Yes, There will be a next time! 😏 Siargao has a special place in my heart.

8 July 2017

Surfing day 4: Went surfing at 5am again. I was still improving and having a lot of fun. The waves are perfect for beginners. They're just the right size but not too strong to where you get scared of wiping out. It felt different from when I surfed in Costa Rica. But having an instructor with you each day also really helps. The we took a tour of 3 nearby island: Naked island (because its just sand, no trees) Daku and Guyam with Amanda and Alan (people we met from Australia). We bought some fish at the market and veggies and the people who live on Daku will cook the food for you. So we hung out in a hut, swam in the crystal clear water then ate some delicious fresh fish and octopus. Then we walked around the island where people live. They have no electricity and are basically self sufficient. they have their own pigs and chickens for protein. It was sad seeing the animals tied to trees but it's a little more free range than meat factories in the U.S. I guess.

6 July 2017

Surfing day 2: We met our instructors at 5am, hopped on their motorbikes with surfboards in hand and headed to the infamous Cloud 9. This is the surfing spot Siargao is known for. Professional surfers come here in the fall to catch the big barrel waves. Thankfully, the waves were a bit smaller this time of year. I surfed a little better than the day before but it was still draining to swim back after a wave. We didn't get to eat breakfast, so on top of not having caught up on our sleep I really had no energy. But I did feel better about becoming an actual surfer. After surfing we ate breakfast and took a nap. Then we rented bicycles and rode to town, General Luna, looking for an ATM because very few businesses here accepted cards. We were told there wasn't an ATM in town, but there were a few shops that could give us cash. After trying 4 different places to no avail ( they couldn't take international cards), we finally got some from a hotel called Patrick's.

5 July 2017

After pulling an all-nighter on the plane, we arrive in Siargao at 7:00 am. The place is covered in palm trees. Rarely did I see other types of trees. We hop on a shuttle for the 40 min. drive to our hotel, La Luna. We ate breakfast and went to sleep right away so we could surf at 3:00. We met our instructors, Manoy and Mark. Then we got on a boat and they took us out to a surf spot called Hawaiian Jack. My first lesson was a little rough. I got up a few times but then I just kept crashing. I was worried that I wasn't going to be a surfer after all. Really the hardest part was paddling back after catching a wave. It took all the energy I had ( which wasn't much). I was exhausted and felt defeated after 2 hours. Our instructors asked if we wanted to surf the next morning at 5am. We laughed bc we thought he was joking. But nope, we set our alarm for 4:30 am before eating dinner and crashing in bed.