Argentina · 7 Days · 55 Moments · November 2016

Jennifer's odyssey through Buenos Aires, A...

11 November 2016

Then the Telefe channel came in to interview people about the soccer match...
Albondigas y arroz (meatballs and rice) y vino de Malbec! Last meal in Buenos Aires!
More of Los Galgos
Los Galgos for our last lunch
Café treats!
Café "El gato negro"
Last breakfast in Buenos Aires

10 November 2016

Dinner at the Palacio de las papas fritas
Papás soufflé
Snack of the day!
Beautiful flowers outside the apartmenr window
Teatro Colón

9 November 2016

Went and saw "Julieta" at this old movie theater
Galerias pacificas mall, gorgeous interior
Galerias Pacificas shopping mall
Amazing statues...
City of the dead
Eva Perón'a grave
Eva Perón
Duarte family tomb
Domingo Fausto Saramiento'a grave
Colorful sidewalk!
Vivid colors!
Plaque of "El Caminito"
La Boca (more...)
La Boca
"El caminito" en el barrio de La Boca
Good morning Buenos Aires!

8 November 2016

Really cool presentation on interactive learning in the classroom

7 November 2016

Doubled as a football club/gym (in Palermo)
That time we went to "eros" a restaurant, that....
Argentine food!
Conference!!! ☺️☺️☺️
Más del congreso

6 November 2016

Book heaven! 😍
Came all the way to Palermo and it isn't open...bummer! :-(
Momento de relax...
Chorizo asado
Feria de San Telmo
La Casa Rosada
Monument to Iguazu Falls
Eva Perón (off of Avda. de Mayo)
Ni una menos
El Congreso Nacional
Beautiful spring flowers
From the window of the apartment...
Placard next to the café at breakfast.

5 November 2016

My first sight of the Obelisco in Buenos Aires!