United States of America · 9 Days · 37 Moments · February 2018

King of the hammers 2018

10 February 2018

Jason Scherer winner of KOH 2018.

9 February 2018

Leaving Johnson Valley. We had a great time but need to go somewhere with clear air, water and sewer so we can start cleaning the motorhome.
Then we crossed the valley to check out Chocolate Thunder.
We drove out to Backdoor to watch the racers come down the rocks.
Best seat in the house to watch the 150+ mile race. Helicopters and 200 on-the-ground cameramen televised all of the action in the desert.
Bailey Campbell a great racer at only 20 years old. Part of the Campbell race team. Her Dad won hammers last year and her brother took second.
Levi Shirley and "Loretta".
King of the Hammers race day. 4400s line up for the toughest one-day off road race on the planet. It has turned into a week long off road race festival with 7 days of live racing action.
Monster Energy drink observation deck. I drank more of these than I care to admit.

8 February 2018

Some crazy guy in the desert
Three classes ran in the Every Man Challenge (4500,4600 & 4800). Jessi Combs (a woman) won the 4600. I think they need to get a new name for this race.
The smell of race fuel in the morning. Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge race day.

7 February 2018

The dust made navigation difficult. We downloaded a GPS map of hammertown which helped us get around the desert when visibility was reduced.

5 February 2018

Holly EFI Shootout on Monday night. $10,000 went to the driver who could get to the top in the shortest amount of time.
We saw some very interesting vehicles.
Arrival at Hammertown. We left the motorhome and used the Jeep to find a camping spot in the desert.
Red Rock Canyon State Park. We saw a Jeep trail that appeared to go up into the canyon so we unhitched the Jeep but found a fence when we reached the canyon mouth.

4 February 2018

Sierra Vista RV park at China Lake Naval air station. We watched the super bowl on our phone.
We traveled out to Trona pinnacles after checking into our RV site at China Lakes Naval station. The pinnacles were located 20 miles out in the desert along a dirt road. They bordered a dried lake bed that is mined for borax. The town is on its way to being a ghost town with many abandoned homes. You can buy a 3 bedroom home for about $16,000. Windows are broken, doors are missing and some homes had burned to the ground.
Fossil falls was formed 10,000 to 20,000 years ago when water from a glacial melt were forced to divert its course over a basalt flow, polishing and reshaping the rock into a variety of unique shapes and forms.

3 February 2018

Japanese internment camp at Manzanar. Hundreds of origami cranes were placed around the cemetery.
We spent the morning driving off road in the Alabama Hills where many movies have been filmed. We came back after the sun had moved below the mountains and drove up into a dead end canyon. In the silence we could hear an owl hooting way up in the rocks.
Our campground at Boulder Creek RV park had a view of mount Whitney. In the morning we went over to the clubhouse for coffee and muffins. The desert tortoises had rose petals.

2 February 2018

Mono lake. The pillars are called tufa. Minerals in freshwater springs seep up into the lake and form calcium carbonate pillars. The pillars are exposed because the lake level is so low. When the water is disturbed it separates and appears to be oily.
Headed south on 395.
This is a view of the back of the spring. We discovered that it is a layered mound that grows as it travels across the landscape. The farther we walked the more eroded it became.
After much searching, we finally found Travertine springs. The water traveled though a small seam in the mineral deposit down into the pool.
Wandering around in the desert looking for the springs.