North America, Europe · 9 Days · 54 Moments · April 2016

Jennifer's trip to Ireland, Wales& London!!

16 April 2016

We've touched down in jersey... So bittersweet
The time has come... Next stop, Bayonne
Just had to say one of the hardest goodbyes ever.. Alec made our trip amazing from start to finish. Not a second went by where we wished we had another guide. Until next time, we'll miss you lots 😢❤️

15 April 2016

Top of the London eye... Speechless 😭
Dinner was so amazing at ping pong 😍😍
What an awesome morning! Barry showed us around and had some punny lines to assist our interests lol! We saw the changing of the guards, St. Paul's cathedral, Buckingham palace and much more!!
Bittersweet to say the least. Last day of the trip in one of the greatest cities in the world with some of the greatest people in the world.

14 April 2016

In the heights, in the west end!! Such a cute show and awesome seating!! Can't believe tomorrow is our last day :(
Quick stop for the Harry Potter fans 😛
Awesome Turkish dinner in London! I hate trying new things but this was just delicious
What a day!!! Can I please move here like, now
Stratford, England is so amazing! The people here are so sweet and so is the ice cream 😛
Shakespeare's birth place with my favorite tour guide, Alec! Being able to step into the home of one of my idols was something I will never ever forget 😍
Anne Hathaway's family home! So awesome to literally step into history!!

13 April 2016

After dinner walk around Llangollen! If only Bayonne looked like this! I didn't even think that it was possible for a town to be this cute!!!
Our "haunted hotel" was most definitely our cutest! It hurt to leave it
Another quick stop at a beautiful mountain in Wales! I almost fell on the way up but it was totally worth it
First castle in the UK! Different from those in Ireland but I'm loving the details so far! Can't believe our trip is almost over :(
Lunch break at the tea room! so delish and now I'm ready to take on the rest of the day 😇
First stop of the day is the town in which I cannot pronounce! Very quaint and cute but the name takes away from it 😅
We've arrived to the UK!!!
Quick s/o to Timmy, the cutest little Irish bus driver ever!!! Thanks for gettin us on the road -- you will be missed! ❤️🇨🇮
life is great and so is this view
The last sunrise in Ireland I'll be seeing for a while.. Still can't believe I had the opportunity to visit this astonishingly beautiful country with my amazing friends

12 April 2016

Wolfpack forever 😢❤️
post long-day stroll to the beach 5 min away from our hotel. I swear Ireland gets more and more beautiful every second. It's our last night here and it's hard to say goodbye.. See ya tomorrow Wales! It's been real motherland; see you again soon I hope ❤️🇨🇮😢
More pics in dubtown, I never wanna leave 😍😍
Today we traveled to central Dublin and Phoenix park! Beautiful all around and lunch was amazing!!!! And of course the ice cream break was great too 💞

11 April 2016

Started off our day at the blarney castle!!! Closest thing I'm getting to kissing an Irish boy is kissing the Blarney Stone!

10 April 2016

I almost adopted one
dinner and dessert
Lil photo shoot at the Atlantic!!
It's hard to find something this pretty, so when you do, you have to take a picture next to it
I will never get sick of these views or taking selfies
Shepard's pie for lunch accompanied by my good pal Bridget Sweeney 🇨🇮🇨🇮
The ring of Kerry was just.. Wow 😍😍😍
Goooooodmorning Bayonne high school! Breakfast was Delish! On the bus, on our way to the Ring of Kerri now 😍

9 April 2016

It's almost 8:30pm and the sun is still out! Curfew is 9pm tonight but it feels more like 9am! Anyways, our hotel room is warm and comfy and also extremely cute 🤗
The horse and buggy carriage ride was unforgettable. The views are breathtaking and breathing in the fresh air alone makes me wish I could stay forever
Visited Saint Mary's cathedral with our trusty tour guide, Alec! So beautiful
only appropriate to share a few selfies lol
breakfast has a special place in my heart... Especially when it looks/tastes this good and only costs 6 euros!! 🍴😍
Visiting my vacay home with my pals 😛
Boarding our bus and starting our day by visiting the castle down the block! 🤗
We've reached the motherland!!! 😍❤️✈️🇨🇮
15 min away from landing; already so beautiful

8 April 2016

And we're off!! 😎✈️
Finally on the plane!!
Security sucks :/
almost ready to board!! The lines may be long but they are soooo worth it
Don't forget your passport!! ✈️🇨🇮
If this doesn't scream europe..I don't know what does
Just left school, on our way to the airport! Blessed to have this opportunity and also blessed to spend it with these girls ❤️
Starting our trip right here at home! We can't really contain our excitement so we invaded our coaches room :) only a few more hours until we are headed to the airport! #besties #roomies 😍