France · 3 Days · 4 Moments · July 2016

Jennifer's adventure in France

26 July 2016

The picture of the group in the square we are not quite sure of yet, but when we were walking to the cafe for dinner the entire square was surrounded by police, military and French mercenaries. We were a bit worried until I peeped in the cathedral and found a service being recorded going on and figured the religious persons were probably important thus being protected. After dinner on the way back we saw the group and what appeared to be a local mayor of sorts speaking to the crowd with religious figures next to him. We of course couldn't understand the speech but remarks were made about the president and we hope it was in criticism to the French presidents recent comments about terrorism. We will look into it when we can.
Today we ventured next to our apartment to a museum of miniatures and movie props where I learned the first movie camera was invented in Lyon. It was much more of an interesting visit than I had guessed it would be and Justin was beyond himself with excitement at the full size animatronic queen alien from the original Aliens and C3PO. After the meltdown of epic proportions Lexi had yesterday I took her back for a nap and the rest of the guys went up to visit the Roman amphitheaters up on the mountain behind us. After that Nichole and Tyler went out to visit a museum of puppetry which I was told was "creepy as hell." We all met back up for a river cruise and saw a fantastic array of the different influences on architecture throughout the centuries from the gothic period, renaissance and modern periods. Justin and I grabbed a quick bite while Tyler and Nichole went to find a restaurant as it was getting late for Lexi and we are now preparing to leave tomorrow to head to Switzerland.

25 July 2016

Yesterday: We visited Anglais Nortre Dame and walked down from its spot up on the cliff above the historical quarter down through the gardens. To get to it we walked straight up in the heat after which Justin proclaimed "eat a dick Lyon" and I hoped no one around us spoke English. From the top was a great view of the city below. We walked across town to a restaurant operating for over 150 years for a traditional French dinner. I had a sardine fish cake with some sort of lemon jelly on top which was fantastic and very different from anything I had ever eaten before. For the main course I had pork cheek and potatoes and it was quite possibly the single best dish I have ever been served, I hope I can figure out how to recreate it at home. We finished the meal with a local herbed cheese which literally translates to "brains of silk workers" which was a cream which tasted like a light sour cream with herbs.

24 July 2016

We traveled from Cambrils, Spain to Lyon yesterday with a short stop in Avignon. Avignon was absolutely stunning, a beautiful walled in city where the Pope resided before moving to the Vatican. Justin and I wished we had a night to stay there as it was one of the more amazing places we have ever seen. We just had a quick walk by the basilica and had dinner. Justin, Tyler and I decided to try beef tartar thinking it would be strips of raw steak. Instead it was a large square of raw ground beef served with a raw egg on top. Justin and I did our best but Tyler was the champ by finishing the whole dish despite not being a fan. We made our way to Lyon from there getting in late. The apparent we are staying at is in the heart of the historical district, right off the river in an 18th century building that has views of Norte Dam (we think).