North America · 4 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

2017 Canada Trip

19 June 2017

Tried going to Tunnel Mountain however a bike race prevented us from going. Decided to hike an unlabelled trail and it paid dividends. Gorgeous views and got in a grueling 5 miles. Sulphur Mountain gondola and boardwalk. Parked in Banff, walked downtown and got lunch at Elk & Oarsman Kitchen and Bar. Shopping!!!

18 June 2017

First full day in Calgary. Drove up to Lake Louise. Headed up to the Lake Louise lookout. Hiked down around the lake. Amazing teal waters, truly an amazing site. Drove through Banff to get a lay of the land, very busy due to Father's Day. Drove to the next little town of Canmore and walked around and got dinner at Grizzly Paw Brewery. Back to the condo to get showered and changed. Dinner/drinks at the condo. Uber to Nose Hill Park for a walk and a sunset viewing.

17 June 2017

Day Three: Crossed into Canada, and stopped for gas. Filled up for 93.9 per liter in Morris, Manitoba. Just outside of Moose Jaw we had two eventful happen; flat tire and cow in the road. While getting in touch with a local tire repair shop we got gas for 91.9 per liter. Finally made it to the suburbs just outside of Calgary around 2PM, filled-up the car for 93.9 outside of Calgary. Got to the condo and settled in (unpacked clothes and finally got a hot shower)! Decided on getting dinner at an Irish Pub called Limericks. Went back to the condo after stopping at a grocery store and got changed so we could walk around Peace Bridge and Prince Island. Planned out hike for tomorrow and calling it an early night so tomorrow can be full of adventure at Lake Louise.

16 June 2017

Day Two: Driving through Michigan (North of bustling city of Lancing) is quite a change. Straight out of a Tim Allen commercial - pure, untapped and extremely remote. We finally ran out of moonlight and stopped in Grayling, MI to fill-up for $2.32 per gallon. We are interested to see how much more rural the Upper Peninsula gets. Indian River, MI boosts "Worlds Largest Crucifix" at Cross in the Woods, at a staggering height of 31 feet. Crossed into the Upper Peninsula on the Mackanic bridge. The Upper Peninsula is home to Christmas, Michigan, which is a quaint little lakeside town with a Christmas mall, and a Christmas casino. Walked the beaches of Lake Superior - pretty and pristine but freezing! Stoped at El Dorado in Hurley, WI for some Mexican food! Next fill up was Superior, WI for $2.34. Now chugging across Minnesota. We can do this! Looking at arriving a couple hours ahead of schedule to Calgary

15 June 2017

Day 1: Car packed and we're leaving Ballston Spa. We ended up leaving the house at 4:10 PM, with a starting mileage of 13,850. It's time to break in the new car. The car was thirsty so we stopped for gas in Amsterdam, NY for $2.44 before hitting the open road. Drove through NYS finest water park on I-490 which featured absolute downpours, car encompassing "puddles", and car-tubing (aka hydroplaning). All of this "fun" to get to our dinner spot just outside of Rochester, NY. My favorite Qdoba! A very yummy and filling salad for 4WWpts - don't mind the photo I couldn't contain myself before remembering to snap the photo. I drove from the edge of NY, through PA and to Elyria, OH where we made a quick stop in Kingsville, OH to get gas for $2.13 a gallon. Gotta get it while the getting is good (and cheap!) Stopped for a pick-me-up and a driver change. Our current mileage is 14,350, meaning we've accomplished 500 miles in about 9 hours. It's time for this girl to get some sleep!