Aruba · 19 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

19 September 2017

8 September 2017

Le Petit Cafe - J.E. Irausquin Blvd 87, Noord, Aruba No one told us the food was so expensive here, over $2000 expensive. We struggled finding a decent breakfast that wasn't Starbucks or the $45/pp breakfast buffet at the hotel. We stumbled across Le Petit Cafe. Great omelets, great prices but the service was crap. But worth noting to try again and see if this was a fluke.

7 September 2017

I can't say enough good things about this place. It's usually $99/pp to take the boat over, and you're not even guaranteed a spot. But, for $320 we had a guaranteed spot, two massages in a hut on the beach, lunch, two cocktails and two free float rentals. The massages were meh, but the local great. Getting massaged to the sound of the waves crashing below us was so unique and wonderful. The flamingoes..... friendly and most of all beautiful (wish I could post videos on this app). For this reason alone the money was worth it to make it to the island. We were able to swim out to the rock wall separating the swimming area from the open water. I could not be more impressed with the variety of fish we saw so close to the beach. The iguanas we HUGE and hungry. Scott had so much fun taking photos and feeding them. We had amazing jerk chicken wings that blew our socks off. And a cumin rubbed mahi mahi steak served over mashed potatoes. For future reference, DO NOT go on the "nature tour"

5 September 2017

Today we took a catamaran out snorkeling. I'm so proud of Scott. Being that its only his fourth time snorkeling EVER, plus some of the water was pretty deep and he's not a strong swimmer, he did FANTASTIC. Better than that, we was amazing, like a pro. The fish literally came up and ate fruit from our hands. We saw an eel, I dove down and picked up a star fish, saw large box fish, barracudas, sea urchins and much more. I'm most disappointed that I did not bring my camera on the last of the three dive sights, especially since that was my favorite. The two shipwrecks were interesting as well, but nowhere near as pretty as the more shallow dive we finished with. I didn't want to get out of the water, and plan to go back to this last site again ASAP. Plus, the snorkel gear I bought us for Scott's birthday was a huge success. We're planning to go back ourselves on Friday.

4 September 2017

It's safe to assume that the poor people on the front of our "safari" jeep tour of the island hated me... well, the driver too. It was a bumpy ride, made more bumpy (and uncomfortable to those with back problems) by my gleeful squeals of delight as our driver Sergio swung us around, up and down all the bumps. I loved it, the other passengers, not so much. Anyway, the Natural Pool was so much fun and a MUST DO. I saw interesting fish, eels, and I jumped off the cliff into the water. I just wish I had been able to take pics (we NEED a GoPro). The other stops, I could totally pass on ever seeing a second time. The Natural Bridge wasn't much to talk about IMO. Not sure how this is their leading trouts attraction. The lighthouse was cool but we didn't even get out of the jeep to really see it. Next time I am just going to rent an ATV and ride out there myself to stay all day.

1 September 2017

Gianni's It was crazy how many New Yorkers there were here. When we asked about restaurants, many of them suggested Italian places. Not sure I'd come back, the food wasn't that good.
We had a great meal at Pelican Pier, just a short walk down the beach from our hotel. The coconut shrimp in piƱa colada sauce was to die for. Afterward we fed the fish off the pier.

31 August 2017

It was a long 15 hours to get here, but we finally arrived. Because of a minor issue using Scott's VISA/debit card instead of just a plain credit card, Marriott upgraded our room for free and sent us a bottle of champagne. You have my loyalty now Marriott. This particular hotel is nice. Not fancy. Well, the lobby is BEAUTIFUL and the swim-up bar in the pool with life music in the afternoons, cool. The rooms are a bit noisy and non-descript. But large rooms with really comfortable beds (plus a mini-fridge) and a partial view of the ocean overlooking the pool.