North America, Australia and Oceania · 33 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Jennie's adventure in Australia

4 July 2017

G'day. Nikki and I went on a bush walk today. Saw some beautiful flowers. Also went to the jetty last night and tonight to watch the sunset. Enjoy the pics.

29 June 2017

G'day! Today was a chill day. My pinched nerve in my neck was mad at me. We did go to the grocery store and I bought vegimite per David's request. The boys played in the dirt. I'm not sure there's any left outside! Enjoy the pics from the store.

26 June 2017

G'day! The last few days have been fun. We want out to the jetty at high tide (about 30 ft). We've been to church, the park and the grocery store. We went to the cemetery. People take care of their families plots. This morning I worked in year 1 at the school. They are a very active group. The teacher does a wonderful job. Here's some pics! Enjoy.

22 June 2017

G'day! It's another beautiful day here in the outback. Fun to listen to the different birds. I am moving my bed today so I can see the stars at night. It's nice to see different stars and they are soooo close. Here's a fun fact. They do have a 911 sercice except the number is 000. Because Aussies watch so much American TV then tend to call 911 instead of 000. The govt has made it so that if you dial 911 is automatically switches over to 000. Have a wonderful evening!

18 June 2017

G'day! Yesterday was the mud crab races. It's a fundraiser. You buy a crab and name it. Mind was Crig. TJs was Snappa and Sincere's was Junior. Nikki put one in for Dan and names it Squeegie. TJ's won the first race. They are put in the middle of a rope circle and the first one to touch the rope wins. The losers........well, let's just say they never race again. Met some more nice folks. Watched a beautiful sunset too. Enjoy the pics and I will post video to FB.

17 June 2017

Forgot the sunset

16 June 2017

G'day! So today we decided to walk to a restaurant and get a crocodile burger. The owner said they were out and that he needed to go kill a crock! He wasn't kidding! How awesome is that! Tomorrow is the mud crab races. Looking forward to it. Well, I'm off to bed! Love to all.

14 June 2017

G'day! Today I volunteered at the school. It was interesting. The teachers were excellent. I asked the kids if they had any questions about America. One boy asked if we had murderers! One little girl gave me a picture she had colored. The other night we had kangaroo burgers. They were good. Kinda reminds me of bison. They are very lean. I have continued to enjoy the people. They remember if the met me. They all love living here and talk about how great the community of people is. Alot are from big cities and prefer it here. The neighbor brought us some cherbun. It's a fresh water shrimp. They were alive! Nikki and I had a good laugh trying to get them in the pot. They definitely went down with a fight. We may or may not have jumped a few times. Tomorrow I'm staying at the house. I have laundry, writing and reading to do. This weekend is the mudcrab races. The crabs do the racing. I think it will be fun. We will also go to the market again. Hope you enjoy the pics.

13 June 2017


12 June 2017

Here's some pics from the local grocery and some from around town.

11 June 2017

G'day! This morning we walked to church. It was a lovely service with a pastor who truly loves Jesus. The people were so kind and welcoming to me. Nikki (my sister) describes Derby as the 1950's in the US. The pace of life is slower. Stores close early. I feel very welcomed here. The pics are of the church and we're we will go for Bible study.

10 June 2017

G'day! This morning we went to the weekly market. It was a lovely time. Everyone was very friendly. They loved seeing American dollars. The market has baked goods, clothing, toys, plants, handcrafted items, ice coffee and even fidget spinners.

9 June 2017

G'day! Yesterday I went to a lovely coffee shop. The folks were friendly and the muffin was delicious. The you man saw I had my water bottle full and asked if I wanted ice for it. Very thoughtful. From there I went to the bakery. Excellent bread! Then to IGA. I have been in one in years. It was fun to look around. Some things look exactly like at home and other different. See the photos. After lunch I went to my sisters school. She's a Chaplain there. That means counselor. She helps kids and their families with personal problems. They love her alot. A bunch of the year 6 (6th grade) kids came and had lunch with her. It was fun to see that 6th grade boys are the same everywhere! I am going to start volunteering at the school. Last night we went to a Footy game that Sincere (my nephew) played in. It's kinda like rugby. Lots of kids having fun. This morning there was a flock of cockatiels out in front of the house. They let me get pretty close before flying off. G'day mates!

6 June 2017

G'day! I had someone say that to me. So cool. I have a new walking buddy. Her name is Lily. She's my sister's dog. We took a good walk this morning. Met some new people. They were all very friendly. The temp is warm but there's always a lovely breeze. Beautiful cloudless skies. This morning before sunrise I looked out my window and the stars were like diamonds. So many and they seemed so close. Its fun to hear the different sounds the different birds make.i. hoping to get some pictures of them soon. Tonight we will go to the circus. Have a wonderful day!

5 June 2017

We went on a search for wallabys early this morning. Saw 2! They were too quick to get pics but it was very cool seeing them. The outback has beautiful sunrises.
From a walk around town. Also Dan driving. They drive on the opposite side of the road here and everything is in metric.
G'day mates! We have arrived at my sisters. Our flight were good and very long. When we arrived in Sydney it took me a second to understand why everyone was wearing coats. It's winter here! Of course y'all know me. It felt great. Here in Derby it warm. My sister has a lovely home with a beautiful porch and garden area. My sister Nikki and her hubby Dan are wonderful folks. We are planning to go out at 5 am to see if we can see some wildlife. Maybe I will see a wallaby! Speaking of wallaby's the picture is of my new friend. We met at the Sydney airport and he wanted to travel with me so he snuck on the plane. Please help me name him. I am so grateful for all the prayers. Love to all.

1 June 2017

Well, today's the day! Acually, my adventure started a couple of days ago when Wendy, Sincere and TJ came. My eyes filled with tears at the excitement of meeting my dad's great grandsons. I know he would have loved them deeply. I already love them and their mama. Boys are so much fun! Captain and Penelope's loved chasing TJ. He had a biscuit and they wanted some. Last night my whole family was here to see us off and to meet their cousins. Andrew read The Book With No Pictures. I love my family. Our flight leaves ATL at 7:25 tonight and we head to San Francisco‚Äč. From there it's to Sydney and from there to Broome. My sister and BIL will pick us up and we have a 2 1/2 he drive to Derby. If you look at the map its in the top left corner of Australia. Please pray for safety and for Wendy as she's letting her babies go with me. Please pray for me too as I've never been away from my family this long. Look out Australia! He we come!