Japan, Finland · 70 Days · 17 Moments · April 2017

Jenni matkalla paikkaan Japan

25 June 2017

akabashi tunnel and ochiai bridge

24 April 2017

uji river trip we love cycling and we bought own bikes😜

23 April 2017

famous sake temple in kyoto

22 April 2017

sake temple matsuo taisha
old mask exhibition
streetviews and arashiyama
around jizo temple
aion mall kids park in japan, there is many things to do with kids

21 April 2017

best fleamarket every 25 th day kitanu tenmangu shrine

20 April 2017

our shinto wedding
kibune and onsen trip first time in onsen. only outdoor bath because tattoos

19 April 2017

Aka bashing tunnel If you like bicycle hills go there
Akabashi Tunnel and Ochiai Bridge Although being a popular spot for photographers to capture awe-inspiring natural scenery, Ochiai Bridge and Akabashi Tunnel have a dark reputation of suicides, natural disasters and mysterious sightings. The bridge connects the northern part of the tunnel to the opposite valley and the steep drop into the shallow river below is said to be a commonly-used means of committing suicide. Besides suicides the area is also known for numerous flood-related deaths and mysterious disappearances of local residents. The nearby walls of the Akabashi Tunnel are often dotted with posters of missing people. Locals have claimed to see dark figures wandering or standing either side of the tunnel's entrances which disappear when approached. As if all that wasn't enough there are several rumors telling of the area being used for sky burials (Tibetan funeral practice in which corpses are left atop mountains for wildlife and nature to use for sustenance) despite being ill

18 April 2017

cycling around kamogawa river
kougetsu restaurant with friends we are lucky to go these unique restaurants because local friend. no english speaking staff and fresh fish

17 April 2017

temples and cherry trees this was our 12th time to be in japan and already second time for our baby girl😀