United States of America · 5 Days · 49 Moments · July 2017

2017 Road Trip to Mt Rushmore

7 July 2017

Yeah. Made it home safe. Thanks to everyone who made this great trip possible. To Aunt Connie, Grandma Pace, the hospice ladies, and Jessica Myrick. Thanks to great travel buddies, Alex, Ansel, and Mom. Thanks to South Dakota!!

6 July 2017

Cave bacon! - Jenelle
In Jewel Cave, amazing!!
Jewel Cave
Jewel Cave. Stalactites, stalagmites, crystals and some cave bacon. So cool
Grandma's first group selfies of the trip. Popcorn shopping in Keystone. Green Apple and Carmel popcorn (Alex's pick), cheddar and Carmel (Ansel's pick), blueberry, raspberry and green apple (Grandmas pick) and Caramel (Jenelle's pick) all where fantastic.

5 July 2017

Jiffy pop to end the day -Alex
Finish a long day at a pizza cafe. Spaghetti and Calzones.
He was right in front of the sheriff office, at least he could of waited until he got around the corner!
Technologic! The audio track for our ghost town tour.
Ansel with fun furry friends at the ghost town. - jenelle
Sometimes this heat is unbearable! - Alex
Alex learning the hard lessons from 4 mile ghost town.
Custer State Park. Beautiful sunny day. - Jenelle
We spotted the Loch Ness Monster today, much smaller and slithery then expected. 🐍
Thomas Jefferson Ice Cream
Can't see any nose hairs!
Hanging with the Pres's - Jenelle
Look very closely. Four gentlemen on rocks.
Chubby Chipmunks for an after breakfast chocolate truffle. Key lime, Orange dreamsicle, German chocolate, and Dark mint.

4 July 2017

End of day 3. Happy fourth of July!
Found a place on the hill across from the open pit mine. Wanting for fireworks.
Waiting for gun fight.
Ready for the parade in Deadwood.
Grandmas thumb.
Waiting for parade.
Burgers, Soup and BBQ sandwiches at Stampmill Inn. Excited for fireworks shot from the deep cut mine.
Ansel and the Trolley. - Jenelle
SCIENTISTS WANTED: We are looking for scientists to study neutrinos. QUALIFICATIONS: must be able to make the 11 minute commute by elevator down 4,000+ feet below the earth in an old mine shaft. - Alex
Trolley tour of Lead. - Jenelle
... and they say this is only 5% of the mine? - Alex

3 July 2017

Good night day 2. Thanks for the beautiful day.
Would you like a Buffalo Burger or Angus?
At Devil's tower, a piece of heaven - Marla
Independence Rock. Sun and signatures.
Squinting and Smiling at Martins Cove.
Spent our time at the penitentiary.
Cells in block A.
Orange flavored tea with milk was disgusting - Ansel

2 July 2017

End of day one. Safely arrived in Rawlins, Wyoming. Ready for 💤
Planet Earth storms over Wyoming - Alex
Driving in the country -Alex
The long not so windy road.
We got the meats. Arby's in Evanston, Wyoming for dinner with 100 of our closest friends. Busy.
Starting our great 2017 road trip to South Dakota. Yippee! Let the fun begin.