Netherlands · 3 Days · 46 Moments · May 2015

Jen & Paul's trip to Amsterdam

18 May 2015

Stopped for a rest and a (proper) coffee at the Starbucks at the train station. We just couldn't handle another thimble-sized cup of coffee at the outrageous cost of €2.50 each.
We got to see someone using a pulley with those hooks at the top of the very, very tall Amsterdam town houses.
More Van Loon photos.
On our last day we did a quick tour of the Van Loon house. In the garden you can see the Queen of Night tulips peeking up over the trimmed hedges.

17 May 2015

My last chance to have a beer from this great brewery before we leave the next day.
Aunt Sue took us to a great old pub (Festina Lente) where we settled in for the night. It was such a cozy spot. 😊
We went to a cool food hall that had every kind of food you could think of and was licensed. The food was really good. What a great place to hang out.
Had an opportunity to try a Dutch pancake. We chose a sweet one to share, with coffee (tiny, tiny, expensive coffees). Our pancake was Apple, hazelnut, cinnamon and sugar. Naomi drizzled it with honey, sprinkled powdered sugar, and we dug in. It was very good!
The bathroom at the Pancake place had a neat alternative to wall graffiti.... Post it notes, tacks, and pens so people can leave little comments. I saw names from all over the world 😊
Then he went to Beer Temple where there is a crazy impressive lineup of American beers on tap and in bottles.
Paul left the girls as they went shopping and he went to Café Gollem Amstelstraat. Another cool spot.
The canal streets are just beautiful!
We stopped for a quick look at the Anne Frank House. The line went around the block and we just didn't have enough time to visit the rooms upstairs. Next visit for sure!
Jen on a canal bridge.
Some shots while biking around.
Biking around!
More coffee!
Saw this cool heron nest in the distance.
More of the park.
We started the day by biking to Vondelpark, along with Jen's aunt and cousin. It's a beautiful place. We had coffee and a pain au chocolat for breakfast at this café.
Finished the night at In de Wildeman, a great beer bar.

16 May 2015

Some interesting colours of cheese in Amsterdam.
We took in a sex show at Casa Rosso. The show was better than expected. One of the volunteers was a girl from a "hen party" and she was a really good sport and a very fun volunteer. Highlights included the goth couple having sex to Marilyn Manson, the male stripper (with bride to be volunteer), the girl who could "smoke a cigar", the goofy gorilla.
Red Light District. We checked out the alleys in the red light district. There's a variety of girls in the windows. I feel bad for the amount of tourist-bullshit they need to endure to make a living. Only 1 jackass was crass enough to take a photo.
Walking to the Red Light District.
Cassis Fanta!
One of the Dutch breweries.
After the museum we had a lovely time at Café de Spuyt. We learned some Dutch, had a dinner of cheese and meat and enjoyed some great beers -- and a cassis Fanta!
A few Rijksmuseum shots. There's a greyhound!
Didn't think they had horse-drawn carriages here.
We spent the afternoon at Rijksmuseum and it was great.
We did not go here. Crap beer and the lineup was crazy.
This guy is just hanging out.
A regular view of the many, many bicycles here.
Day 2 Late start... Left the apartment just past 12noon and had lunch at De Stadskantine. Wandered through a street market on the way to the Rijksmuseum. We saw so many amazing paintings. We also saw a few Van Goghs, and the doll houses. I absolutely love the classic Dutch painters. We left the museum and went to get dinner and drinks at Café Spuyt. It was great! We went back home to drop off out purchases, and bought a space cake on the way. We split half of the space cake at home while freshening up. 1 hr later. I felt nothing. Paul said he did. We ate the other half. I still felt nothing, Paul said he could. Maybe I'm immune.... We got lost several times in the red light district while trying to find a bar Paul want to visit (In De Wildeman) We had a waffles with custard pudding and walnuts on the way, while watching freaky videos on the TV I'm the waffle place. We found In de Wildeman and settled in.
Great lunch at De Stadskantine, around the corner from our apartment. I had a sandwich made of goat cheese blended with walnuts, on a brown baguette with apricot jam and arugula. It was so, so good! Paul had a chicken curry chiabatta that was like meatball sandwich with an eastern twist. Both sandwiches and coffee came to only €16. We had a great spot by the window so we could watch the various bicycles drive by. Really nice!
Fresh peonies in our Amsterdam apartment! And champagne!
Really enjoying this local brewery. Excellent Triple, great Dubbel and a really good IPA.

15 May 2015

Nighttime, walking around.
At De Ysbreeker for family, good food, drinks and company.
We are happy with our cute airBNB in Amsterdam. Nice and cosy.
We finally made it to Amsterdam!