Australia and Oceania, North America · 21 Days · 21 Moments · December 2017

Choat Family Xmas holidays in California

13 January 2018

Oh no, it’s time to go. Next stop Auckland and then Sydney. Back home for lunchtime on Monday. No Sunday for us as we cross the IDL from the east and get zapped straight to Monday.
Street slides on Seward Street. Hilarious tram ride from here with plenty of drama for the children to be amazed by. Accordion players, transgender extroverts, loud grumpy passengers and a disinterested driver - a laugh a minute.

12 January 2018

Bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Absolute highlight of our stay in SF. We loved Sausalito as the views reminded us of Devon and Cornwall.

11 January 2018

Night tour of Alcatraz was full of history and gave a good insight to life in the slammer. Hilariously the children thought it all sounded okay: reading, art and baseball sounds okay! They changed their mind when we said there was no wifi - hahaha!
San Francisco tram and Fishermen’s Wharf.

9 January 2018

Road trip from La La Land to Ventura. We were christened the Goatez Family by the Mexican receptionist at the hotel. Meet Julio, Juanita, Rosa and Enrique Goatez!
Squaw Valley in the rain.
Skiing in Northstar - a wee bit damp!

7 January 2018

Tahoe City and visit to the brewery for some Dragon IPA, yum!

6 January 2018

More Heavenly

3 January 2018

Skiing in Heavenly, Tahoe CA

1 January 2018

First bike ride of 2018. Great views of Vandenberg, including the prison firing range (!)

30 December 2017

Pillage of the Village annual bike ride with the Dirtbags MTB group. They broke me with Tequila, not the riding.
Abigail ‘needed’ a photo in front of Walmart to prove she’d been to the US. A very strange young lady...

29 December 2017

Lompoc to meet Huck, Nikki, Kurt and Rhys. Checking out Vandenberg and the SpaceX launchpads- very cool!

27 December 2017

Disney Adventure Land. Slightly smaller queues and scarier rides. Vision of Colour show in evening was really good.

26 December 2017

Disney Land in Anaheim. If you like queuing you’ll just love it here!

25 December 2017

A second Xmas day after crossing the international date line. Anaheim for some Disney action.

24 December 2017

Auckland for a Xmas stop over.
Santa located over the Pacific