United States of America · 2 Days · 38 Moments · September 2016

Trip to Portland, Oregon 2016

18 September 2016

Landed. LAX. It's 11:43pm. Sunday.
Delay. More delay. Still in Oregon. Town of relaxed people.
Waiting at the gate.
Taxi. To airport. Red hair chauffeur . Bye
Good time girls
Ringside Fish House
Nike Portland
Little bit of selfie time. With or without stick. 12th floor.
Breakfast at Marriott lounge. Till 9:30am. Its 9:07am.
Prisma time while watching HBO. Grey sky in Portland. Sixty some degree. Might rain soon.
Good morning from Portland. Grey sky sans rain yet. Less cold also.

17 September 2016

Passing by Apple
After dinner walk back to hotel.
Dinner with Rick's family
Cocktails &
Waterfront Portland
Walk back to hotel.
Oyster place
Through the rain by bus and lots of walking I came to this book store.
Took bus to downtown.
In rain with hotel umbrella walked to the park.
Our room is not ready. Cause we want a room with a view even if it rains. Trees grow tall here in Portland, Oregon.
Mariott downtown waterfront. Breakfast with Ricks family.
Landed at Portland, Oregon. It is raining.
Will arrive at 8:54am. Right now it is 8:10am. Lots of young people on plane. Kinda different .
Playing with prisma.
Watching movie from Delta entertainment on iPhone. Hot tea also from D
First drink for this morning. Its so cold in plane.
No coffee. No food. Lines too long. Playing with selfie .
Waiting at Delta gate. Line for coffee is just too long.
Red and black. Color of desire & despair.
All packed.
It's 3:48am. Getting ready for another flight.