United States of America · 1 Days · 16 Moments · September 2016

Visit Getty Center / 게티 센터 방문기

5 September 2016

Conclusion: Early Sunday morning , like the title of Ed Hopper's painting, is the best time to visit Getty. A beautiful place and me, was an unforgettable experience. By the way I didn't want to go to this gathering till Sunday morning. .. I was glad I went ...
In the afternoon I walked , went inside the buildings, took photos, talked a little with a few of our group. Actually I talked with them in the café only. There were sooo many people. I didn't see any of them after lunch. They looked all art related people. I spent about 5 and half hours in Getty! Never stayed that long!
After watching movie I went in to the research and museum part of Dunhuang cave. As usual it was dark with faded paintings, writings in glass case hall. Had a cappuccino out side café. At 11:00 a group of people gathered in front of information booth. Catherine talked a bit about todays exhibit titled ' London Calling: Bacon, Freud, Andrews, Auerbach , Kossoff and Kitaj exhibit. She talked some length about Lucian Freud who's grandson of Sigmund. Who knew there was a painter in Sigmund Freud's family! Meet 12:15pm at Getty Café, with this we split.
Epilog: Left home 8:40ish in the morning. No traffic on 405 S. Arrived 9: 05 ish. Could park right by the exit in the Getty garage. A tour bus followed me. Bus people standing and listening by the tram station. A Getty guide came to me and showed me bus station. Tram starts at 9:30am, I can take bus, she told me. Sat on the bus, bit later tour group French speaking got on the bus. Bus stop on top of Getty is a different spot than tram stop. Just a few people roaming. Saw Dunhuang cave thing with a few people lined up. I stood behind them. Saw 4 cave temples replica. They timed and limited numbers of people going in each visit. Came out. Walked around empty Getty yard. Took a few photos. Drizzling. Beige Getty umbrellas I could use here and there. Saw another line for Dunhuang visit. It's line for a 3D movie about the temple. 5 minute wait before get in the small movie theater. Movie explaining about the paintings and sculpture was great. 3D did excellent effect with perfect music.

4 September 2016

Rembrandt. Raphael. Da Vinci. So crowded. Everywhere lines. Left 2:45pm Getty. Wait for tram. Wait to get out of the garage. Going into Getty cars lined up to freeway. No traffic towards 405 N. Cool.
Some has to climb up cause trollies are backed up..
Serious situation at Getty on Labor day Sunday. At 11::10 M parking space s full. They sent cars to other parking lot. I heard. At 12:25pm cafe is almost full. Lines everywhere.
Lunch at café. Tofu with vege barley.
Early Sunday morning at Getty & later the same day.
Getty garden.
London Calling.
Our group. Late.
Short visit W pavillion
Origin of Getty water & selfies. 9:30AM. And later.
Getty Center day. Drizzling at 8:30am
Dunhuang exibit Today is the last day