United States of America · 4 Days · 39 Moments · October 2016

Trip to Chicago Oct. 2016

9 October 2016

11def we sat doing our usual stuffs. Going home.
Stop at Garrett.
Walking to our gate. Tired.
Selfie time at Hofbräuhaus.
Checked out Loews. Leave the luggages. Walked to Hofbräuhaus. Highlight of our Chicago trip.
Lunch at Hofbräuhaus was always fun.
Breakfast from the store from lobby. No bakery stuffs left. Chicago marathon people took them all, I guess. Oreo we got!!kids happy. Now coffee with Nickelodeon time.
Good morning from Chicago.

8 October 2016

Train ride to O'Hare. At 7:38pm. Planetarium. Ginos pizza. Bean. Shake Shack. Fun.
Shake Shack dinner. Good, loud and crowded.
Waiting the movie starts at Adler Planetarium . Weird music.
Gino's deep dish pizza.
Planetarium after lunch. Beautiful day.
From Monroe walked to Gino's East. Chicago pizza!
Train ride to downtown at 11:30am from Rosemont.
Breakfast in room.
Good morning from Chicago! Sunny day!

7 October 2016

More walking downtown. Took train to O'Hare from Monroe. Train was packed.
Walked at Millennium Park again.
Coffee at Pierrot.
After lunch we went to Saks Fifth.
Went to Peninsula hotel for lunch. Beautiful hotel. Took blue and red line.
Good morning from Chicago! Made room coffee. Yeah, here in high-class Loews there is a coffee machine! Cool! Soon I will be ready to go out to meet friends and have fun. Take my big camera today.

6 October 2016

Walked to the bean with my friend. Rain stopped. Back in hotel room. Delish was waiting. Cool!
Outside of the museum.
Through thunder and pouring arrived here. From Loews to O'Hare to Monroe station. Walked to Art Institute.
Took hotel shuttle to O'Hare, switch to train, got out Monroe. It was pouring! Walked to Art museum.
Lowes O'Hare
Our room is not ready. So we are having cabernet at Capital Grille.
Capital Grille lunch
Landed at O'Hare airport . Wet ground.
Window seat.
Someone elses bags. I didn't check the bag.
Fixing ceiling at the gate.
At 4:57am. Arrived to gate.
Hat and umbrella.
3:29am. Ready.

5 October 2016

It's 8:43pm. Set the alarm at 3:00am for 6:48am flight to Chicago. Packed almost.