Canada · 6 Days · 45 Moments · August 2016

Trip to Banff August 2016

16 August 2016

Dinner. Back home LA.
Waiting at gate 40.
Waiting shuttle for airport. Its 2:35pm. At Rimrock. Banff.
Lunch with a view at Rimrock
Strolling downtown Banff.
Breakfast. At Primrose.

15 August 2016

Western style dinner party @ downtown Banff, Wild Bill's.
Canada's nr 3 falls. Forgot the name.
Lake Louise
Lunch at thevpark
Moraine Lake.
Walked around the hotel.
Breakfast at Rimrock Banff
Good morning from Banff.

14 August 2016

Wine and cheese with new friends
Lunch at Korean restaurant in Banff.
Hotel Rimrock Resort Hotel.
Banff Gondola.
Lake cruise. Near Banff..
Ready. Bus ride to Banff is about to start.
Leaving Calgary. Its 9:35am. Sunday. Aug. 14.
Good night from Calgary. Windy. 12:11am.

13 August 2016

Dinner party.
Taste of Calgary. Poutine. Good.
IPA time. Was good.
Heritage Park
Lunch at Seoul bbq in Calgary.
A walk in the morning around the hotel. Met Pokémon go father and son.
Workshop. I skipped the second one. Calgary tour today. Sunny warm day. Clean air. Beautiful day.
Good morning. It's 52 degree at 6:30am.

12 August 2016

Dinner party.
Taste of Calgary. Food and drink festival.
Sheraton Calgary
Calgary airport. 1:19pm
Not charging yet. Watching Revenant via Westjet wifi. 9:36am.
Line for coffee was soooo long. Relaxing time is coffee at the gate.
First stop.
It's 4:26am. Aug . 12, 2016.

11 August 2016

Lunch before the trip to Banff. Let's have fun!
Waiting half and hour under the hot midday LA sun just to get an early bird special! Was worth it! Totally. Now I have to pack. Don't forget the passport.