United States of America · 10 Days · 67 Moments · June 2017

Trip to Washington DC, June 2017

21 June 2017

On board.
Lunch by the gate. Atelier Bistro. Listening Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin , etc.
Passing by Pentagon. View from taxi.
Cosi breakfast

20 June 2017

Dinner at the Smith. Moules and oysters. Good.
Lunch at Golden Biersch.

19 June 2017

Dinner at Umeya.
Dinner party at Grand Hyatt Hotel
Party time!!
On the way to hotel passed by Chinatown.
Art Gallery.
National Art Gallery.
Breakfast at the Le Pain Quotidian near hotel. Unbelievably slow service! Done with this pain.

18 June 2017

Gelato at the Pintago Gelato.
Met Wonder Woman while strolling around after dinner.
Dinner at the Capitol Brewing Company
Back to hotel by pedicab was worth it! So hot with humid.
National Museum of American History.
Walked to National Museum of History. It took not that long nor hot. Huge museum I've been before. It is summer and crowded.
Breakfast at Cabinet in Grand Hyatt Hotel. Good.
The view from the Grand Hyatt DC. Security is walking around in front of TUMI & Salvador Ferragamo.

17 June 2017

Dinner at Shake Shack

16 June 2017

Walking around in downtowndc. Ate gelato. Cool
Family dinner at Umeya.
Visited FBI museum. Fun.
Went to Ford Theater. Couldn't get the ticket the time we wanted go.
Starbucks at hotel lobby.

15 June 2017

Korean War Memorial. Met a Korean War Vet.
Lincoln Memorial
Washington monument. Vietnam Memorial.world war II Memorial. Capitol
Washington monument.
White house gift shop.
Out from the hotel. Walked a few steps went in to Cosi. Excellent!
Cables and others

14 June 2017

Saw this on the way back to hotel. ...
Food we had.
Walked to the Old Ebitt Grill. Beautiful evening. Very clean city. Not too hot.
Arrived at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Taxi driving in DC.
First class lunch. Morisoba with pork.
Two and half hours to Washington DC. Might have thunderstorm, 86 degree right now.
Gate change and delay. Got upgraded. Everything's super fine. Upgraded and United Club , all good.
United Club Houston Airport. Good stuffs.
United Club at Houston airport.
First class breakfast. Pretty good.
Waiting at the gate. It is 4:08am.
Its 2:58am.
Driving to LAX

12 June 2017

Washington DC here I come