United States of America · 5 Days · 34 Moments · September 2016

Jean's adventure in United States of America

25 September 2016

Selfie while driving is not good though so tempting to shoot how I look or nothing to do in jam. Nothing special. On 405.
Time to drive home. Hot day.
To Aldi.
Good morning from down south. Having excellent breakfast.

24 September 2016

Drive to Costco. For Saturday afternoon this Costco was not extremely busy.
Ate fast lunch at Five Guys. Good though expensive for fast food. About In and Out level of food but costs more.
Drove to cocoichibanya. Couldn't handle one hour waiting. After 20 minutes of waiting we left.
Walking home. Tired dog.
Good morning from Starbucks. What a beautiful day!
Good morning. It's a beautiful day starts with a walk with Benny .

23 September 2016

Dinner. Salad & salmon. Very good.
At Ralphs. Pumpkin time is already at the supermarket.
Fast. Good. Noodle soup.
Drive to Shinsen Gumi. Loud and good noodle place.
On the way back home We stopped and smelled the flowers. Beautiful day.
Walked to Starbucks on Brookhurst with Remy. Coffee time

22 September 2016

Walking to the parking garage we met him. Mr. Steve Harvey was super nice. Cool!
My dear Ramona was on ESPN while we are at the Pelican Hill Resort. How cool is that! Her brother and my son are good friends when they were growing up. Cool!
Excellent lunch at Pelican Grill, Newport Beach.
Remy's lunch
Pelican Grill in Newport Beach.
Drove to Nordstrom Rack in Laguna Niguel.
Beautiful day
Drove to Starbucks in Laguna Niguel. Roomy , nice. Not many latops around. I am not against those but sometimes ..
It's much cooler this morning. Grey sky.

21 September 2016

Fountain Valley Library
Libray we came.
Went to Seiwa Market on Harbor blvd. Tons of goodies from Japan you can find here. Grocery shopping after lunch is always good cause you can think critically to buy or not to buy.
My chirashi was super! Restaurant was packed around 12:10pm. Come early for this place.
Lunch time. At Sushi Koto 11:40am. Already half full in the restaurant. Good sign.
Hot muggy morning. Florida weather imported. Not good..
Photo shoot for Baby Z

20 September 2016

Took full two hours of freeway drive to OC. Humid weather strangely, like Florida.. we are not used to this kind of sweaty weather. Drove to South Coast Plaza. Always fun to go to huge mall. In Oregon we didn't pay sales tax, here in CA we pay almost 10percent sales tax.
Venti cappuccino time is reward time, for me. I still have 2 rewards. @ South Coast Plaza Starbucks.