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Down in OC

25 August 2016

Driving back home. Almost two hours it took. Home was fine. Went to Trader Joes to buy food. Made organic baby spinach salad. Watching the Good Wife via Amazon Prime is quite relaxing. Hectic weekend was past. I have 4 grand kids. Can't find anyone around me has 4 grand kids! I guess I am special.

24 August 2016

New day in OC. Baby came home. Today we left mom and baby alone at home. Drove around in Irvine. First stop at Starbucks. Tony had grande iced Americano. Then Target in District. Now we are at the Target in Market Place. In Irvine the shopping area has own name like District, Market Place or Spectrum. We went all of them . Tony's going to every Targets to check on something. He will educate me so I can look those in valley. It's like collecting You Are Here Starbucks mug. I think I have 47 or 48 YRHStarbucks mugs. Susy and Tony have more. Whenever we find new mugs from new city we are happy. So happy.

22 August 2016

Welcome Zaya
Sunset @ Newport Beach. Its 7:23pm
Baby Zaya.
Baby Zaya was born this afternoon! Cute baby.
Walked Benny and Remy. No news yet.
Camille and Tony left home early to the hospital. Lone waiting began. Its 6:25am. Cool weather.

21 August 2016

At last it's cooler at 8:54pm. Walked to the Corner Bakery. Then Shinsen Gumi & Ralphs. Then walked back home. Hot afternoon. People swam at the pool. Cool breeze here and there. Benny barks. Baby cries every now and then. Time passes. Evening falls.
Shinsen gumi linner
Corner bakery
Before updated my collection.

20 August 2016

Good night everyone.
Family dinner at Slater , HB
Tender Green lunch
Hello Kitty Cafe
Barn's and Noble at Spectrum.
Good morning from Pacific City. Nice!

19 August 2016

Down to OC. Fun day with Remy. Dinner with Unicorn bagel.

16 August 2016

Tony got trophy!!

3 August 2013