Canada · 14 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

Jeannette 's adventure in Newfoundland and La

9 September 2017

Ok it was a beautiful sunrise as we left hotel at 6:15. We are almost ready to board plane here at Deer Lake to fly to Halifax and then TO. Plane encountered fog and almost didn't land. Photos of Gros Morne.

8 September 2017

Day 11, we spent our time in Gros Morne National park viewing a film of the park, a rugged terrain which is beautiful. We then had a 2hr cruise around the shoreline with it's steep cliffs, villages. Then a stop at a private wildlife museum set up and maintained by a couple who had worked for parks Canada. A very interesting and creative way to display it. We had our final dinner of the tour and we leave for Deer Lake airport at 6:15 tomorrow a 2 hr. Drive. We've had a great time in spite of the rain and fog of the past two days. Today was pleasant.

7 September 2017

We are on ferry back to Nfld from Labrador. we crossed yesterday in fog but did have clear skies for visit to the Basque whaling station and museum near Red Bay Labrador. Rain most of today but did clear while we were at th 2nd tallest lighthouse in Labrador. We climbed to the top for a view. It is 109 '. The air has cleared and we can see. Horizon. We have another busy day tomorrow visiting Grose More national park. We travel to Deer Lake to get our flight home on Sat. Another early start. View in and from lighthouse

5 September 2017

Day 8 we toured St. Anthony area. 1st stop was the Grendfell centre with a video about his life and doing , the hospital and his home. He came from ENGLAND as a doctor, missionary, started a hospital, hospital boats and much more. I remember hearing about this as a teen. Irma Hunsburger taught her mid 50,s and met John Stutzman who worked in hospital- I think and they later married. fish and chips yet for lunch 3 L'Anse Meadows, first settlement in North America and a working Viking village With actors doing the weaving etc. 4 Roast beef dinner at hotel with an other local performer playing guitar , accordian and singing. Very good but more country than others.

4 September 2017

Day 7 we had a farewell dinner for 10 people who left our group this mirning. Entertainment was a comedian and kept us in stitches, had us kiss the cod and then a shot of screech and we are now official screeches. We are a group from Ontario with one from BC and all are compatible and love to laugh. We travelled all day with stops at another museum, the Arches, another museum where we saw caribou, and arrived St Anthony for 2 nights. This is an old hotel and our room is small. Some have larger spaces. 2nd least favourite!! Would have been a lovely journey except it rained all aft. Tomorrow we tour area.

3 September 2017

Wow it's been a glorious sunny day with temp up to 22 c. Lots of bus time travelling from Gander to Cornerbrook with stops in Grand Falls at Mary March Museum, lunch in Deer Lake, a visit to a butterfly and insectarium. The man who set it up is a character and does a talk on bees which was hilarious and the he and a buddy treated us to several tunes with guitar and accordion and vocals. Saw the ski runs, zip line and a totem Pole which was carve from a 350 yr old BCSpruce carved by three Nfld men. It is 52 ' tall. Our hotel is a heritage building.

2 September 2017

Day 5 travelled from Gander to Twillingate with stops at Beouth Interpretation Centre,the lighthouse and look out at long point, bought fudge, then back to Twillingate for lunch and entertainment on way back a stop at a private fish museum which has been out together by a man who is a fisherman, a demonstration on how cod is prepared for salting and is a writer and poet and shared one of his poems, well written. The he towed to an island for three yearsthen gathered and cleaned up the bones and reassem led it at his place,

1 September 2017

Day 4 is almost over. Left our least posh motel at 8:30. It was overcast and rainy most of the day. Drove to Trinity where we took a boat to a muscle farm, did a bit of sopping in an artisan shop with lost of jewellery made on premises, had lunch: delicious fish chowder and blueberry pudding. Drove to Terra Nova National park visitor Centre for a film on the park and another humorous one. Then a photo stop at Gambol a favourite spot of Joey Smallwood. Arrived at our hotel in Gander and had their buffet with a great fresh salad, scalloped potatoes and honey garlic chicken.yeah no fish!!! Photo: our room last night, boat this morning with tour guide, gal in middle is Jeannette, Orv with Reg who worked with Jim at Nelco with Restraunt behind. ,

31 August 2017

Day 3 was another interesting day a lot spent in the bus to Bonavista. We saw lots of trees and countryside, interesting sml towns go our motel in Port Union where we had lunch a nd then travelled to Ryan's premises, a historical cod fish museum, Ryan's home which has been restored and then to Bonavista light house which we could tour, and heard about life as a keeper and how the signals were sent etc. pay was good but hard work. While there we saw puffins and a few humpbak whales. Then back to motel for happy hour , dinner and after entertainment by 2 gents with guitar and accordion. Interesting.

30 August 2017

Day 2 was a busy one. Weather was sunny and windy but pleasant. We were able to cruise to Puffin (Shit)island in Nfld but it was quite rough and several got sick. I managed to keep my breakfast. Saw an oil rig, fishing boats in south Harbour. Saw an oil rig and lots of Puffins flying. At Cape Spear we walked to the most easterly point in North America and pick blueberries. More touring of St.John's with lunch at Jungle Jims. Here we saw thousands of people lined up for a mile to purchase tickets for race to the Ace. Nuts! Dinner at Yellow Bellies bar and grill. This is an interesting area. Soon to bed.

29 August 2017

We had a delicious inner here at the Jag Hotel here in St. John's Nfld. Our room is lovely and spacious. Saw the Co lourful house, a very large cruise ship in the harbour on our way to hotel. It is quite cool and a storm is anticipated which might change plans for a boat cruise to see Puffins. Will know in the morning. Here are a couple of photos from hotel room. More interesting ones ahead.
We're boarded any getting ready for take off. Sky's are clear and no problems anticipated.
We ' at airport and THERE'S 41 IN GROUP. Have met our contact John and waiting for next instructions. There's couple from N H who know Jim. Bye it's starting now.

26 August 2017

It's almost travel time again. Julie will take us to Tim Hortons New Hamburg at 7:30. We will have breakfast and wait to be picked up there at 8:!5 a.m.