United States of America · 10 Days · 18 Moments · June 2017

Jeanne's adventure in Colorado

9 July 2017

And, we are home again. 3,210 miles, 47 US license plates, 3 Canadian license plates, 3 horseback rides, and many mountains later, it is always nice to get home. (Though we miss Emily!)

7 July 2017

All that "extra" driving paid off today! We've been playing the license plate game. As of this morning we had gotten 40 of the states. Today we saw 5 more, including(hold onto your hats!) HAWAII!!! We now only need 5 more states! Wish us luck on the way home!
Bill and I went to Red Rocks Amphitheater this morning (pictures are still on camera). Then Bill wanted to go to Idaho Springs, another old town. We ate lunch at Tommyknockers brewery and I had a chicken sandwich with maple glaze on 2 waffles! And Bill tried a green chili beer!

6 July 2017

Horseback riding in the mountains was fantastic! We took the advanced ride so we were able to trot and "lope"which is cantering. We didn't always have to stay in a line. It was 2 hours and it was fun climbing higher and going into and out of gullies.

5 July 2017

July 5th We went to watch a rodeo today. Saw bronco bustin' calf roping, barrel racing and bull riding. Very fun!
Left Aspen for Vail today. It is a huge town now! Lionshead Village and the town of Vail are all blended together! We listened to some bluegrass music in Gerald Ford park! The town is all huge condo complexes and shops. Sorry Sue Ellen, no more tennis courts by the creek to lose our tennis balls in!
Aspen July 4th parade and ski lift.
Independence Pass on Independence Day Highest highway in North America!

4 July 2017

July 3rd Canon City, lots of old buildings Stayed in Salina, another old city.
July 3rd Drove around Royal Gorge Park. Did not go on the bridge or gondola because it was too costly and at first the gondola wasn't running because of high winds. Saw real dinosaur track fossils along the Scenic Drive!
We watched the Aspen 4th of July parade. Then we walked around Aspen. Very high end! We met Eric's mom and had lunch together. She's very nice. We are staying at Snowmass Village tonight.
Today we drove on Independence Pass, very appropriate for today! There was a stopping place at 12,055 ft elevation! You could hike there! The road was narrow and winding and in a couple of short spots there was only one lane! I was glad when we finally got to Aspen!

3 July 2017

We drove around Royal Gorge Park yesterday. Bill and Emily went up a trail to hike through several old railroad tunnels. We drove next to the Arkansas River. The headwaters are nearby.
July 3rd Manitou Springs, where natural sparkling water comes out of the ground! We walked around town and then toured Miramont Castle which has an interesting history.

2 July 2017

We went to the Air Force Academy and saw the Church.

1 July 2017

We went through The Garden of the Gods yesterday. And I spoke too soon about the hail. We do have a few little dents on the roof and hood. 🙁

30 June 2017

So yesterday we stopped for gas in Iowa at the self-proclaimed largest truck stop! Should have taken a picture! They had many fast food places inside, a buffet restaurant and lots of stuff for sale. They even had a chiropractor and a dentist!!
Saw this storm front driving last night. Just after we got back to the hotel after dinner it let loose! Rain and hail! Luckily where we were staying it was only pea and quarter sized hail. Other areas of Omaha got large damaging hail. Phew! Saw this ape at Ogallala truck stop/lunch break.