Norway · 10 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

First glimpse of Norway!

5 August 2017

Last post is embedded in the middle :) home was great!

2 August 2017

Grass roofs on the buildings of our campground buildings tonight. Also some rock road guard rails :)
Visited a Glacier Museum today and more exception beauty as we head back towards Bergen. Fjords, glaciers, verdant mossy hills, sun & rain & waterfalls!

1 August 2017

Qigong by this lake tonight, our campsite is right here also!
Norway is beautiful! We camped by a rushing river last night. It rained during the night. Some clouds this morning and sun this afternoon. Finally saw a rainbow! So many astounding waterfalls!! We drove over a mountain pass today and took a ferry ride on the narrowest fjord, then more verdant textured exquisite countryside. These photos don't do it justice!

31 July 2017

30 July 2017

Hike to Nigardsbreen Glacier today- an arm of Jostedalsbreen Glacier. We are staying at Eplet Bed & Apple for the second night-in the 'Lingonberry' tipi tonight :) this evening we did Qigong in view of the glacier!

29 July 2017

Crossing the fjord on the ferry, such a beautiful day today!
Home tomorrow....We have enjoyed beautiful Norway!

28 July 2017

Sunset over the fjord
Ok, now some pictures from driving along the fjords!
The Hanseatic Museum told an interesting story of Old Norway. Hanse was a trading company that operated in the North & Baltic Seas for 400 years - 1360 to 1761. Mostly the trade was selling dried & pressed fish from Northern Norway & importing grain from the Baltic countries. The trading houses housed the owners & workers (the photo of a row of wood houses with pointed roofs). Because of the high risk of fire there was no kitchen, heat or lights in these buildings! The kitchens & 'assembly rooms ' were in a separate building. The hardest work was fishing the north seas. Men line fished all day with minimal comforts & provisions. The work was described as 'hard on a persons body & spirit'. Here are some photos from the museum :) huge scales & wooden press , old barometer, painted walls; many mysteries !

27 July 2017

26 July 2017

We wandered through Old Bergen last night & today, enjoying the sites & learning of the Nordic fishing & trade history that inhabited the rows of (famous) pointed roofed houses along the coast (also visited the Hanse Museum).
Arrived in Bergen (with luggage!), Bob found me :) Dinner in old Bergen tonight.