United States of America · 7 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

David and Jeani Head for the Hills of NM

2 October 2017

We headed back to Campground around 3:30. We all pretty 'dog tired'!!
Today David and I , and John and Carol Taggert met cousins Michael and Mary Dickson in Taos. We decided to take the 3 doggies ( ours and Taggart's). After all we did seem to recall that Taos is fairly open minded about your pets, and well pretty much anything else! We gorged ourself at The Gorge Restaurant on the plaza Then strolled throughout the plaza enjoying some live music and a few local ( native?) dancing, chanting ladies! Wandered into a couple fabric shops and the Ecos Seconds shop. The owner is married to Michael Reynolds who designs and started the Greater World Earthship Community that I spoke about yesterday! Hand bags,belts, totes made from recycled soda can pop top tabs! Clocks fashioned from 33 and/or 45 vinyl records!!

1 October 2017

Continuing on to more stops in El Rito...an artists private home /studio ! These places were so unique and very much what you would expect from talented potters, painters, paper artisans, Anasazi toolists... Their loyal dogs were basking in the sun and lounging on, under beds, sofas , outdoor benches.
Yesterday, Sunday, Oct 1, we ch caked out an event in El Rito, NM- art and cultural tours. Hmmm Our first stop was this incredible library! The local quilter's guild had their handiwork on display AND local chocolate treats for tasting.

30 September 2017

Then these very efficient homes built partially underground with unique designs! I found out these are called Earthships! There are 90 of these homes in this community and a visitor 's center! Maybe we can find out more info! It is The Greater World Earthship Community.
Heading back from Red River via Taos, Rio Grande Gorge!
Drove into Red River today to lunch with Davids cousins! That's the 3 boys hangin out in the street, David, John , Michael / Longstreth cousins!

29 September 2017

David and I made a quick trip into Espanola, about 20 miles from campground yesterday afternoon. We did a bit of laundry, and low and behold, there was a casino nearby! No blackjack tables , but there was a virtual blackjack table with the big screen virtual voluptuous dealer, lol! We played about 30 minutes on $1.00! I was up to $79 in winnings!! But I got greedy and left it all there! Still, we think that's the first time ever that we only lost $1!! It was good entertainment and pretty cheap!! Returning, this beautiful rainbow welcomed us to Riana Campground
Mary and Michael Dickson, David's cousin and his wife, joined us today from Albuquerque! All six of us ate lunch at Bodes in Abiquiu Then we visited Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keefe spent time before she got her own place near here.

27 September 2017

More rain today. It's okay ! Enjoying an afternoon of good reading- both of us ! And napping for those two sweet furbabies!
Meet David's cousin, John Taggart and wife Carol! They live in San Gabriel, CA. This is their 2nd annual trip to this beautiful Georgia O'Keefe area! Yes, John enjoys painting , too Today we drove into the 'town' of Abiquiu today and enjoyed lunch. Mine included homemade tomato soup made with merlot, yummmm!!
It rained ALL night! We woke up expecting to see muddy, muddy puddles
Arrived in Riana Campground, Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico, Monday, September 25, 2017.

26 September 2017

Such a pretty place!!