United States of America · 2 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Jeani- Valetta's journi to Turquoise Lake,CO

21 June 2017

Dinner!! Brian had the hotdogs I had just potatoes then said I'll have a hotdog too was starting to feel a lot better. Then it was an evening by the campfire laughing and enjoying ourselves.
I was determined to go on the canoe for the first time so we did. I was not thrilled. So very scared but hey I wasn't feeling good it's a new experience I'll get there. We do need to get better seating for it so it will get better I'm sure.
I then got really sick so while daddy went to town we hung in the camper. We got new neighbors they were really excited.
This place was just breath taking took the pups on a 4 mile hike.

20 June 2017

We came back to hang and dry. They like the tent area we made for them they hate being tied up.
Took a little walk tonight. Puppies got to dig holes and go swimming. Omg lake at 9,987ft =Water colder than ice I kid you not even if it's not a thing. Haha
Our home for a couple of days. I'm getting good at the set up. Comfy little home. Beautiful views a sand beach!!! Actual sand yay
The puppies really don't like the car but know there is an adventure waiting so they deal too cute.
Decided instead of a day trip to just make a couple day camping trip. Yay