North America · 22 Days · 74 Moments · June 2017

Jeanette and Clint's voyage on our USA Road

23 June 2017

Stop climbing and ears are plugging up. Eek
We spent two nights n Cranbrook with Karen and Gerry Christie. Great times. We also drove the Panorama to show Clint our location for Feb 2018 week long ski trip
We are on Hwy 3 heading to Creston and we are climbing. Temp is 64 and very sunny, no clouds to be seen

19 June 2017

Alberta, don't know what this is, but a whole field of it.
June 19 1:44 we are in Alberta earlier than planned. And the land looks likes Kansas but a lot greener. Well we had a lot of bug casualties on the windshield, but we just had our 1st bird. He flew into our grill and flipped over the van and we saw him land on the shoulder, kamikaze bird, what was he thinking?
Jun 18. We stopped 60 miles before Butte, Montana for the night. Early night 10:00pm. The elevation was high where we stopped around 6000 feet, and the temperature was around 50f. It was a little warm in the van, so we opened the ceiling vent with the fan on low, and snuggle under the sheet and fleece. June 19, We slept near a chiming clock, so at 4am when I woke to Clint using the washroom, it was chilling inside the van, so off goes the fan and we close the vent. But still it is cold, so we put on the comforter and fell back to sleep. I woke up at 6:20 to coffee being handed to me in bed. We got on the road at 6:30am and drove for 100 miles and stopped to make breakfast By the way on Jun 17 in Idaho when we stopped at a gas station, I bought a winning scratch ticket and won $100. Woohoo

18 June 2017

Idaho Rockies ? So beautiful
New hair colour

17 June 2017

Wow Yellowstone park in Wyoming was incredible. We saw long horn sheep right beside us on the highway, Buffaloes (so many), a grizzly bear and cub and elk. And of course the spectacular old faithful spout off. I had no idea the park had so much to offer. We couldn't stay in the park, it was full. So we drove to the west entrance and stayed in a RV park there. Restful night sleep. And I convinced Clint (not hard at all) to help me colour my hair, it look great. We are on our way to Shoshone Ice Caves in Idaho now.
It is 45deg f and we are in Wyoming and it is snowing
We are on a stretch of highway where for miles you see rolling hills, spots of cattle herds and not much else. No houses, but power lines
Some kind of mineral plant beside the highway, near Gillette
Jun 17, 2017 Sat Well we are right on schedule, it is 9:21am and we have 368 miles or 7:08 hrs to get to Old Faithful, in Yellowstone, Wyoming Is what we scheduled our arrival time to be. We slept in Moorcroft, Wyoming truck gas stop last night, but not close to the rumbling trucks, so it was quite. We caught up on wifi stuff in the coffee shop before going to bed, way past our bedtime 11:30. We have been sleeping around 10:00 each night

15 June 2017

Wow it is amazing, so beautiful
At 4:45 June 15, 2017 we made it to South Dakota
We missed this sign yesterday
Stopped in Valentine, Nebraska 9 miles from South Dakota state line to do a small replenishment of meats for meals and we find she's shopping putting groceries away and we could the heat. It is 4:31pm and the temperature is 105. Good it is hot here
We went through a town in Nebraska called Berwyn population of 83, so if Laurie my niece lived there with her children (family of 15) she would be 18% of the population
We rented a campsite with power, showers and a lake last night. We had a great swim then soft tacos in the van, played dice with the a/c on. Was a sleep by 10:00 but we turned off the a/c opened the screen windows and left the van ceiling outdoor fan on and slept under a sheet. We were quite comfortable until 2:00am when I woke up shivering, the temperature dropped to very cool quickly, I woke up Clint who is warm skinned and snuggle in, but I was cold, so windows and fan off, fuzzy blanket on, a little spooning and I fell back a sleep, warm. So we had a bet two days ago, Clint thought the US flag was blue/white and i said red/white/blue (his colour thing) so we bet a breakfast in bed, I won haha. So this morning he made coffee and breaky for me in bed. Wonderful

14 June 2017

Cute little town Hebron, Nebraska. With the longest porch swing in the world, wow
In the swing city also with the cobble stone Main Street
Filling silos at the railway station at the highways edge
Ok, someone has to show Doug Ross this one, it is the perfect highway for the Subaru and the speed limits is 75 mpg, not like he would stick to it, hahaha. And this part of the highway is right beside Minneapolis raceway, how fitting
I bought a new airy top for a camisole cover up, it is way to hot to have the girls confined to the keeper.
When Dorothy lost her house in Kansas, maybe the truck movers took it away. We just passed three houses going down the highway, I told them to drop in Squamish for Triton employees but they had other locations in mind
Just stopped for lunch at a rest area in Kansas. We sat under a treed picnic table, it was cooler than the inside of the van. It is 97 here and see the sky has very few clouds. I hope to find a lake today to jump in. It is 3:10 here
Well it is Wednesday and we saw a sign that said new member spin for chance up to $1000, so we stopped. Clint won 15 and I won 10, and we walked out with zippity do da zero. But a good two hour break from driving and got to experience new types of machines. Back on the road again towards Wichita, Kansas and then turning towards Badlands, South Dakota ttyl
We stayed with my brother Michael in Oklahoma City last night in his apartment. He took us out to a long standing steak house near him (delicious dinner) and then a tour of the city. He said Oklahoma is all about oil, we see that driving through the state, the I n ground oil pumps along on the highway working away. On the west side of the highway the sky's are different, tornado sky's. Mike said we should miss it as long as we do not head west. So we are driving north up to Kansas and the northwest to South Dakota today.

13 June 2017

Well, no diamonds for me, but it was fun, we got lava rock and jasper and a tiny quartz. But I have 16 diamonds on my finger and 3 Ruby's from my husband. It was fun pan handling, we would do it again
So excited we are here
We are on our way to the crater of diamonds, we are going to pan handle for diamonds and we get to keep what we find, "finders keepers" they say is the slogan. Stay tuned, we hope to find at least one
Semis so many
Arkansas We spent the night in a restaurant truck stop called Mikes. Many semi there over night with reefers going, we slept ok until 6:00am when the two leaf blowers started to clean the parking lot, we got up and left by 6:50. Too noisy for us. We decided to splurge and eat breaky out for once. All the trackers were eating out also I guess, the was only 26 within 5 miles. We stopped at IHOP and had a good hardy breakfast, but we have been having great meals in th van also, back t this way we got wifi and did some banking. We are back on the road now and so are the truckers, 146 semis in 5 miles. Yes I spend some of my time counting semis. It is interesting driving through the states, but long stretches of the highway begin to all look the same. I don't know if I told you, but our instant hot water did not work for Saturday until Friday the next week, we finally found a RV place that could look at the problem. Canadream thought it was the igniter but it was the circuit board and paid

12 June 2017

The sun is setting in Arkansas, very pretty. Still hot out
On our way to Memphis. It is really hot here, even though there is cloud cover. We just did our sani dump and the short time it took, Clint was dripping. I just counted semis again so still 51 within a five minute period

11 June 2017

At 9:00 we stopped for chicken and mac &cheese (provided by Jannie & Ray) another lovely tasting meal. We then set off for another hour to the next rest stop for the night. Omg it is so hot here. We will be sleeping with the back windows open with screens on. We will not need covers tonight. Good night
The crowds in Nashville for game 6 of the Stanley cup, Nashville vs Pittsburg
Wouldn't you know it, the night we arrive in Nashville is game 6 of the Stanley cup, Nashville vs Pittsburg. The crowds are large and wild, we do a little shopping and decide to get away before the game ends. On to Memphis we go
We are getting closer
We are getting closer
I'm five miles, we passed 51 semis going the opposite directions
We left South Carolina passed through North Carolina and we are now in Tennessee. It is warm here, light clouds, but very dry warm. We are barely down the highway at 73mph. Lots of rivers and lake around this area. We are 215 miles from Nashville and we have a country station playing on the radio

10 June 2017

We are having a blast with our friends, Jannie and Ray in South Carolina. These are our Cabo hurricane friends, they have this beautiful house on a very warm large lake and have all the fun toys to go with it. It is great to meet up with them again Clint looks like a burnt lobster and I have Racoon eyes. And when we were out it the boat cruising today, Clint wore his hat backwards so it would not fly off, so his forehead is burnt in the shape of a half moon, so funny. It sure is hot here

8 June 2017

Our friend Mr Tom Tom, we would be lost without him
The inside of our canadream camper. It is so comfortable. Tomorrow we hit the road to Nashville
Inside our unit
Great place, so many trees. We haven't see to much of wild life on the highways, interstates and freeways. Just lots of trees, nut not as tall as ours. The weather has not been that warm, shorts nut chilly to the arms

5 June 2017

It's really raining right now
Hudson River
We made it to New York Monday June 5 @ 11:10

4 June 2017

Darn signs, I keep missing them when he is driving Mach 1
Guess who, Lobster from Maine
Bar Harbor

3 June 2017

Entered the USA at 9:41pm. We were the only car at the crossing
The rain is coming to a end. The sky changes scenery
See no more rain
So in bc we have raisin bread, here there was blueberry bread. Can't wait to try it
So why do the trees only grow so high here. They are small pecker pokes and only about finely feet tall. Why? Different species, soil I don't get it
It's raining hard here in Halifax
It's raining hard here in Halifax
Finished shopping. On the road @ 2:40 June 3 starting 3991km
Our van, will post inside pictures tomorrow
Called for our pickup from Canadream @ 8:00am, but our vehicle will not be available until 1:00. So no pickup for us until noon. So we are watching news on TV for now. Wondering which vehicle they will have for us???? Stay tuned
We have arrived in Halifax, and have tucked our tired bodies into bed. Tomorrow 8am up for a hotel continental breakfast and be ready for our 9:30 Canadream pickup

2 June 2017

High in the sky over the USA somewhere. We left Seattle at 7:20am flying to Boston. I have just woke up, it is now 8:55am.
We are at the Bellingham airport for our first leg of the journey to Halifax. It is June 2 @ 4:07am

1 June 2017

Best Western Heritage Inn, Bellingham night before we fly out
Off to Bellingham, Washington for a nights stay before boarding the plane tomorrow am