Asia, North America · 24 Days · 38 Moments · December 2017

Holiday Fun

1 January 2018

On New Years morning Leon surprised us with a life saving pot of menudo that was great!!!

31 December 2017

The celebration & the fireworks were fantastic!!
The theme for the night at Mango Deck was Willy Wonka & was very nice & entertaining!!
Here we are ready for the big night. Saying goodbye to 2017 welcome 2018
Our New Year’s Day pre-celebration at Casa Corona . We spent the day in our Jamie’s enjoyed the relaxing time with swimming, sangria music & Bbq. It was a great time we all enjoyed before the night ...

29 December 2017

A night stroll to see the view of Medano Beach at night.
Finally at the house
Amanda & Alex arrived in Cabo!!! We had a put stop before going to the Casa.

28 December 2017

Today we spent the afternoon at Mango Deck getting ready for New Years Eve . Was a good afternoon:)

27 December 2017

At Maros of course had shashimi & visit Leon
Beautiful day out on the marina

26 December 2017

Ahhh caught :)
Carnita lunch !!! So yummy

25 December 2017

They caught 2 dorado & 7 tuna !!
Christmas Day fishing trip for Rene & Nic .

24 December 2017

Our Christmas Eve Dinner in outside garden restaurant called

23 December 2017

Amanda & Alex had a nice Christmas visit in San Francisco with Alexes Dad Ed.

22 December 2017

New restaurant we now love la Chatita. The best shrimp cocktail!!

20 December 2017

Our X-Mas tree & decoration

18 December 2017

After the show enjoyed a great dinner at El Fonario
Enjoyed a great show with Mr C Alex . His great musical students

16 December 2017

Sister fun making cookies & cupcakes

15 December 2017

Me Sarah & Nic our at Italian
Sarah decorating our tree

14 December 2017

California sunshine always makes me smile & feel sooo good!!!

13 December 2017

Ahhhhhh the stuffed Pizza the best!!!
Sarah with the artist that made her desk
The arrival of Ms Sarah from LALA land
The Beautiful Sarah!!!
The pan dulce

10 December 2017

Those cute cats Da Giz & Toby... & the Amazing Nic!!!

9 December 2017

Very nice surprise coming home to my mom, aunt Rosie & Elena & Eddie at Karla’s house busy making delicious Tamales!!! They were really great!!!
Ahhhh the arrival I love so much ....

8 December 2017

Leaving Singapore.