United States of America · 280 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Jaz's Rv Adventures In The USA ;)

16 April 2018

My Alma ann with my sleeping bag

5 March 2018

I like my new rv... Soon I will have another long 35ft pace arrow rv...

20 February 2018

My Sassy Girl kitten got upgraded to a house.. Sassy Girl now lives with a little girl that wanted a kitten to love... I'm happy for her... Sassy Girl is in a good home..

19 February 2018

I got a 1979 Dodge Jamboree Rv.. It's small inside.. Gotta cat proof it before my cats can move in.

9 November 2017

Coming soon I will be selling my rv adventure bear for $5.00 + shipping 🐼
Mitten Girl is taking a cat nap 😽
Baby Boy,CuriosityGirl,and Alma Ann are enjoying a family cat nap together.😽

22 October 2017

I am in the Van Nuys area in California. Send me your request of places in California you want me to see while I'm here and I will post them here ;)

17 October 2017

I'm going to start buying campers and rv's and renting them out to people who can't afford to rent an apartment or a house here in California...

3 October 2017

On July 25 ,2017 I lost everything, my winnie rv and my cargo trailer..
Just taking a cat nap:)😽

6 September 2017

Vulcan IDIC

3 September 2017

My Winnie Rv before the accident...
I left the state of Fla to see our beautiful country... So far I've been to California 3 times. And I've also been to the states of Indiana,Delaware,Arizona,Georgia,Ohio, Tennessee,Virginia.

1 September 2017

In August-September 2017 I got a 2001 Suburban and a 1966 monitor vintage camper. Just gotta fix the floor in it.

11 July 2017

My 3 cat co-pilot enjoying the ride.