Philippines · 98 Days · 4 Moments · December 2016


20 March 2017

City life is like a jungle and my workplace for survival. The sound of horning busses and jeepneys wake up in every morning of my life. The tendency of working hard and keeping tab of my excellence at work may sometimes cause me low of stamina and in-patient. However there are places on the earth that helps us rejuvinate our youthful mind. This is one the perfect places which I consider to visit everytime I wanna recreate myself and just ponder my moments in life. I am very proud to say that this place is just located in my dearest hometown Jasaan Misamis Oriental, Philippines! 😊

16 March 2017

A long journey begins to where you started and a perfect couple looks back to where they meet life and romance. It is so nice to rekindle the treasured moments when life has began to embrance the equality and differences of human race. All my life I always give my best shot to everything that I do with such I almost forget my personal happiness. The happiness that I mean is my partner in life until I met him on the 23rd of January 2016. We may have personal lives such as at work or school or our families but it doesn't mean love fades. The true happiness will always consider also the happiness of your partner. The mutual feeling of prioritizing life, career and relationship take place as soon as you will understand the things which can be handled and can be kept. For 15 months together with him, I always feel the happiness and romantic love everytime he smiles and everytime he cares for me. I am just so greatly blessed to share my life's journey with no other that my DUDE. 😍😘

21 January 2017

Nature provides us wellness in life. Nature helps us recreate what has been damaged and gives us the opportunity to witness God's majestic creations. At some point we tend to ignore the beauty of what is right in front of us just because we are bombarded with our work or personal belonggingness. In my case, I am a busy person either at work or at school or with my business commitments. On the other hand my partner in life is also busy with his personal activities and so we came to the point that both of us got sick. Then we decided to hangout together by dinning to this very beautiful and refreshing restaurant named High Ridged located at the top of Cagayan de Oro, Ph. The quality time with your partner is nothing but priceless! It taught me a lot of things in life that TRAVELLING BY NATURE HELPS US CREATE LIFE'S STORY OF HAPPINESS AND WELLNESS. Loving forever yours, JAY DUDE😍😘

12 December 2016

Culture includes our beliefs. Our beliefs include arts. The culture and arts are sentimental things we all treasured and kept for life. We may distinct with these aspects however we are together. I got the chance to travel in this wonderful place where... (TO BE CONTINUED)