Indonesia · 8 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Our vacation in a vacation to Bali

2 May 2017

Anitha came over to show us how to make the Hindu offerings out of young coconut leaves. It was a very satisfying process, and didn't take long at all! Anitha was very good at it from years of practice and she knew where to make all of the cuts in the leaves and which cuts to do. It was a nice thing to do to pass the time and we had some lovely offerings to put outside our rooms!
Anitha brought some friends over to the hotel to braid our hair! We love the fact that we don't have to brush our hair in the morning! They did a wonderful job and we are very pleased with it!

29 April 2017

Apparently animal control wasn't much of a priority in Bali, since there were stray cats and dogs everywhere! We had to be super careful not to pat the dogs hanging around the city because they might have had diseases. Stray cats would run through the hotel grounds and climb up onto the roofs!

28 April 2017

We got to try some delicious Indonesian food in Bali, like Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Nasi Campur and a variety of curries, which are my favourite! Narelle and Vonna did a cooking class at a nearby restaurant and learned to make spring rolls, beef rendang, chicken nyat and black rice pudding for dessert! We stopped by the restaurant just in time to have a taste!
Narelle, Bronwyn and I went to the Carla Spa just up the road from our hotel to get pampered! Foot massages for Bronwyn and I and a facial for Narelle, and then Bronwyn treated all of us to pedicures to top it off! Narelle and I got them to do little flowers on our big toes and the lady who did my massage and nails was very talented and nice. It was my first professional massage, and it was a good one! It was an hour of relaxing reading while somebody rubbed my feet! Gee, did I feel spoiled (which I suppose I am🤔😎)!

27 April 2017

We visited the rice patties in Ubud, which were touristy but pretty.
Thursday, April 27, 2017 Anitha and Ketut took us on a little tour of Bali! We visited a school with some less fortunate children. The kids at the school were so welcoming and they all wanted to shake your hand and introduce themselves! The classes were fairly small and bare, but they all did their work well and they were all very smart. We visited the grade six classroom first, and there was no teacher, but they were all quietly working! I could never imagine my class doing that!

25 April 2017

This is Anitha the Selfie Queen! We had the pleasure of meeting her in Sanur and she has been great to us!
We stayed in the Bumi Ayu Hotel! Very friendly people and really lovely property! The outdoor pool area was nice to lounge about in and we met some interesting people there! We are loving living the life of the rich and famous!