Indonesia · 8 Days · 18 Moments · July 2017

Java juli 2017

5 August 2017

Before I got on the plane to Java I’ve packed a lot of old clothes. These old clothes and some more tiny stuff were meant for the children. We’ve gave a lot of our stuff away when visiting this primary school. The kids were extremely happy to see us and every class wanted to sing a song for us.
Once we’ve finally reached the top of the vulcano I had to dit down because I was afraid I would fall back down. It was very crowded up there but No fences or Something you could hold onto. The flowers I’m holding were meant as an offer. So I had to throw them into the vulcano.
After Watching the sunrise we’ve walked back to the jeeps. They brought us to the vulcano itself so we could walk up to the crater. I took these photo’s during the walk. It took a lot of energy to get up there because of the many stairs and unequal paths.
Had to wake up at 05.00 am to see this beautiful sunrise at the Bromo vulcano. Two jeeps brought us there and had to walk a while in the dark to get to the point with the best view.

4 August 2017

This guy had his own teakstore. Everything in the store was made himself. The guy was really proud of everything in there. This was one of the artpieces he was working on at that moment.

3 August 2017

Coffee at our own porch
One of Indonesia’s beautiful temples. With a lot of separated rooms for different gods.

2 August 2017

Indonesia’s beer

1 August 2017

Visited a mie factory. These plates were set out in the sun to let the mie dry.
One of the many huge and beautiful temples from Java. Beautiful and inspiring stories to be seen in the walls and a great view while standing on top of the temple. According to myths it Will bring you luck when you touch the buddha’s feet, who are resting inside of the huge bells.
Took the boat to explore the Citandeuy river and all of it’s beautiful nature. I thought it would be less difficult to keep the boat in the middle of the river.

30 July 2017

Went to see a show from the anklung school. Beautiful music and dances performed by the children theirselves. I’ve even danced along When the little girl came to ask me.
Tea plantation

29 July 2017

Tea plantation

28 July 2017

The botanical garden in Bogor