India · 370 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

Jatin's adventures in Rajahmundry, Andhra

13 April 2018

My workplace at site

12 April 2018

Heard a bad news today about my increment and feeling funny. This increment means that I haven’t achieved anything in the past three year of my service. Wow.........

4 April 2018

In train to Rajahmundry. ONCE AGAIN This time excited about ........ Old known faces and tea (chaaaaaai).

5 May 2017

11 April 2017

The very first time I arrived Hyderabad, I was very excited knowing I am in the town of masala dosa and biryani (my favorite " till the first 3 days of my stay in rajahmundary" ). After few days oh sorry few more days later

9 April 2017

Hey waiter! One plate of rice please