United Kingdom, Guernsey · 3 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Jason's adventure in Guernsey

16 July 2017

Given the storms which were building up around the Thames estuary it was a seriously smooth Aurigny flight. It's a shame this route is so expensive because even though it's so much slower the jet it's far more convenient for us, coming into City. LCY baggage handling is slow but its a still less annoying and stressy experience than Gatwick.

15 July 2017

La Fregate isn't a cheap hotel but the service is superb, it's very comfortable and the views are spectacular from terraces and verandahs alike. I could have done with another full day just to chill out but family obligations called. Speaking of which, with this hotel located where it is, it meant waking to dinner was a breeze. Only 10 mins to the High Street.
A relaxing end to a very warm walk across Port Soif to meet Dan, Tashy and Minnie. A Magnum ice cream at the Port Soif Kiosk is one of the hidden delights of Guernsey on a day this warm!

14 July 2017

The squid was delicious, well cooked and perfectly seasoned. The Chateaubriand was absolutely awesome, as you'd expect at Red. We had a great night out celebrating with family and we got the service I was expecting. The chocolate doughnut served with honeycomb was a note perfect finish. It's great that Guernsey has restaurants like this now.
G and I are enjoying our G & T's on our terrace. The weather is amazing, the gin is delicious and it's great to have a chance to relax in between family commitments.
Delicious moules frites with garlic and chorizo. Terrible beer but a relaxing venue I'd always recommend. It even has outdoor no smoking tables!
We have quite the view, and that must be the fastest hotel check in I've ever had. The bed looks ridiculously comfortable and the WiFi is excellent.
Landed! Smooth flight but bouncy landing!
Interesting the gate was much slower after being redesigned but we're overjoyed to be on the jet to Guernsey. A much smoother and faster transit!