North America, Asia · 8 Days · 30 Moments · January 2018

Purki’s adventure in Sri Lanka

24 January 2018

That’s a monkey hanging off the Jeep. Monkeys attacked the Chinese behind us- it was pretty funny..
Fruit bats, crazy scary looking.
Elephant passing
Don’t feed the wild boers or the monkeys.

23 January 2018

Water Mellon stop
School stop, donated to the school. Apparently it’s the poorest school in the area. All their parents are tea pickers- tough work. Don’t let the white uniforms fool you- it’s probably the nicest clothes they own.
Buying the supplies

22 January 2018

Dean making friends. It’s amazing some of the poorest people here speak better English then our first driver.
Train stop, checkout the rest room sign- enter that room and there are no toilets. It’s a rest room not a wash room.
This is a giant bull, and just after taken this photo a Tractor fired up behind us- behind a wall. The noise was really loud, jack panicked went flying out of the barn- we went running after him cause we were convinced he was going to get run over by the passing Tractor. We grabbed him just before making it to the road- he was scared and upset. We asked him why he panicked and he said he thought the bulls were breaking out and coming after us. We got a good chuckle from that.

21 January 2018

The market
Mom actually drinking something sweet.
Tea factory. Our driver took us to the free one, they wanted $65 for a bag of white tea. No wonder it’s free. Tea tasting was fun- we learned that white tea is the best for you.
Tea Factory
Fabric Factory. Dying fabric.

20 January 2018

Dean and his tuk tuk. This five minute ride cost us $2.
First Sri Lankan pool
Dean and his 19 year old girl friend. They were the same height...
Dirty fish shop and Billie
Checking out some herbal medicines. We learned their is a all natural hair remover, then he tested it out by removing my leg hairs.
Hanging with our hommies.

19 January 2018

dean and the well, typical for the homes in the area.
Cave temple, not worth the price of admission. Or the hundreds of stairs
Lions Rock, we climbed up to the top via a hairy not to code staircase. That’ll be $90 sir.
The local bread guy, 30 cents for a loaf of bread. He plays the small world song on his radio at 630am to alert all his customers. It’s impossible to sleep in.

18 January 2018

Sleeping deana at the Buddhist temple in Negombo. At this point I think we were all wishing we were Buddha after that long flight.
Open fish market where they drying fish using the wind. Jack, as you can see, was not impressed.

16 January 2018

23.5 hours of flight time... surprisingly the 17.5 hour flight wasn’t too bad. The worst part was waiting in customs lines after a two day endurance flight.