North America · 5 Days · 7 Moments · February 2018

Jason & Laurie's Costa Rica Adventure

7 February 2018

Tree name same as Province. Protected.
Pan America Hwy was nice. Much better than what our guide referred to as the “religious roads”. Very winds. We traveled from the cloud to rain to Dry Forrest. We saw guanacasio mtn range off in the distance.

4 February 2018

Buttercup Tree
OX Wheel artist
The community of Garcia.

3 February 2018

Our tour guide called the bus bathroom the happy room. Suggested we use it on straight roads. They have 7 provinces we saw 5 of these. CR is located on the ring of fire. She talked about the bean and rice. Toko and Tika added in Lang.Sargi town was substituted vs Paos dice the Ntl Park was closed. We drove on the Pan American Hwy. starts in Canada. They speak Sarahi. 50% of the pop speaks eng re: tourism is now the #1 source of income. Illegal to cut trees. Sarahi for very colorful. Artist community located in the tropical mtn. The bright orange poro trees. Blooming in the beginning of the dry season. West Caribbean Sea. 10 degree lay to equator. Close to equator. 2000 diff species of tree in Costa Rica. 1500 spec of orchid. Sloths, 2 diff species. Our first day was Election Day. We went to Doki Estate coffee plant.
Somehow we got upgraded to first class on our flights to Costa Rica. We took full advantage. We loved all the extra leg and counter room. Superb service. We got warm nuts and warm towel before our lunch service. Laurie finally broke her first class cherry. Jason made a funny, “first class ghetto”. Large Shrimp scampi with lunch. Dessert was tiramisu. Delish!