Germany, Myanmar, Thailand · 16 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Gingerliii goes to Myanmar :)

16 February 2017

My trip from Kalaw to the Inle Lake was one of the best things I have done so far in Myanmar. You see the stunning nature, live together in the home of locals and see the typical burmese culture. Our guide Yellin was amazing. He told us everything about the burmese traditions, politics and the local life. If you are in Myanmar, then don't miss this opportunity.

11 February 2017

It had been six wonderful days at the Ngapali Beach. I met a bunch of really nice people from England, Austria, Israel, France and Germany. We were snorkelling, enjoying the sun and travelling around by bicycle. Especially driving with the local tuk tuk was kind of adventurous. The Burmese love to see tourists and often would like to take a picture of you. I highly recommend to drink a fresh coconut at the beach. It tastes lovely.

6 February 2017

I'm now at the Aung Mingalar Highway Bus station. This area is so big, without the help of my taxi driver I would have never found my way to the right bus company. Nevertheless I found a good dinner before my 12 hours trip is going to start. I'm looking forward to the Ngapali Beach, I hope the long trip is worth it :)

5 February 2017

I spent my last day in Yangon at the kandawgy lake and the people's park. On my way to the north of Yangon I met a guy from Switzerland. It was nice to have little chat in German :) After I have seen the Shwedagon Pagoda from the inside I wanted to see it from afar. The perfect place for this is the people's park which is pretty close. The nightlife there is awesome. They have wonderful water light shows with public music. It seems that half of the Yangon inhabitants enjoy the lovely atmosphere there.

4 February 2017

It was an amazing day in Yangon. After a long walk to the north, I enjoyed the nature at the Kandawagyi Lake. I totally loved the silence in the park and being far away from any traffic jam noises and the huge crowd in Yangon downtown. The highlight of my day was the Shwedagon Pagoda. It's an at least 2.500 years old stupa and the most important one in Myanmar. My advise, go there shortly before sunset, so you can see two different versions of the Pagoda. Both ones are absolutely stunning <3

2 February 2017

It was a really long and hot day. 34 degrees, pretty hot for a ginger :P But it was worth it! I have been in Yangon downtown and on an island close to Yangon. It's hard to see so many poor people, especially children. This area was hit by a cyclone in 2008, 140.000 people died. They are happy about every help they can get from tourists, because the government blocked international aid.

31 January 2017

Waiting for my flight to Bangkok :)