United Kingdom, Ireland · 5 Days · 15 Moments · June 2016

Jasmine's trip to Europe

22 June 2016

in the airport getting ready for London !!

21 June 2016

this is my last dinner in Ireland 😪
by the way, this is Lewis, our tour director. he's great.
I'm at the Badass Bar in Dublin. no, I'm not drinking.
the spoons are big here. there's no small ones. it makes me upset

20 June 2016

so these flags are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE in Ireland. and it makes me really happy.
full Irish breakfast. last day in Belfast, Northern Ireland. today we travel to Dublin, Ireland !! 😊

19 June 2016

so so so sooo many murals and graffiti
a little of the titanic museum. there wasn't much time to take photos.
I didn't take a lot of pictures at this market place but it was so beautiful and great. I tried a lot of new things. I had a Nutella and banana crepe, Turkish delight, fish and chips, an OYSTER, organic brownies and beef jerky...I think that's it. I also had a full Irish breakfast, but I didn't know what half the stuff on my plate was though. oh and that Fanta is SOOO much better than Americas. like, it's so good. the drinks here are so much better, even the soda tastes different. there's a lot less sugar and more sodium
a little around Belfast. there are a lot of murals and wall art here, it's a way people remember their past and express themselves. there is also a picture of the oldest building in Belfast. it's not really a building anymore, more of just a wall looking thing. we took a big tour and learned a lot of about the war that went on in the 1970's there. it was pretty horrible and there is still some prejudice today.

18 June 2016

Giants Causeway. Literally my favorite thing yet.
an hour left until I stop in Belfast. pros and cons of flying in the literal air: pros: -IM LITERALLY IN THE AIR -it's pretty when it's actually bright enough to see -I watched DEADPOOL AND THE MARTIAN. there's not a lot of movie choices, but the ones that are there are pretty great. -talking to people is actually really great. -ACCENTS. -they have orange juice AND apple juice !!! -I actually really like taking off?? it was fun. cons: -literally where do I sleep. I got like two hours of sleep. maybe. -I'm scared to get up and use the bathroom. also, not really sure where it is. -"today's top hits" in the music section consists of weird rap music from 2003. and once in a while Selena Gomez. -as much as I love people I'm pretty sure we're all relatively uncomfortable. -if anything goes wrong it means waiting around for a long, long time.
The flight left a little over two hours late. (To Belfast). something was wrong with the engine and they needed maintenance to come inspect it. all ended up being well, it just took a long time to fix it. but now I'm in the air, I repeat I AM IN A GIANT CONTRAPTION IN THE SKY. OH MY GOD!!!!! more to come. 😊

17 June 2016

Newark international airport