United States of America · 6 Days · 5 Moments · February 2017

College Life- University at Buffalo

1 March 2017

The chemistry help center looks like a dungeon where an action movie like the Terminator would take place

28 February 2017

The Student Lounge is the best place to study on campus hands downs. It's usually really warm in here which is nice in the winter by in the spring .. eh. I put up with it tho for the pretty hard wood floors, the big windows, and the pretty ceilings.

26 February 2017

This is my plant Groot. Before the semester it was a beautiful lush Succulent. Now it is this. I relate to my beloved dead Groot. Sleep easy for the both of us.

25 February 2017

My drink is 3/4th milk, 1/4th expresso, and 1 extra Z in my name. Ignore the trash and Calculus like I do

23 February 2017

Bio 201 Lab~ Looking at my spit, plants, and yogurt under microscopes