Australia · 23 Days · 16 Moments · May 2017

Jarrah's adventure in Far North Queensland

13 June 2017

Counting on from one before We came back and me Riley Charlie went for a ride on our bikes we came back had a shower. After that we had dinner and went to bed. FROM JARRAH.

10 June 2017

PLEASE READ TO CLASS (Mrsj) Today we arrived at soon as we got there we went to the shops and got some lolly's for the trip.when we arrived at where we were camping witch was a cricket field dad said we had to do three laps rising our bikes and I did it straight away. We set up and went to have a look around the town.we were going to go to the information centre but it was closed.we came back and started chasing each other with glow sticks.we had dinner and crept chasing each other. We went to bed. FROM JARRAH

9 June 2017

Cept going When we came back and had a very cold shower then had dinner and went to bed.

7 June 2017

PLEASE REAS TO CLASS(Mrs j) Today we arrived at lawn hill national park.when we got we set up and I went for a ride to have a look around the place.when I saw you could hire canoes I got excited.but we went for a walks hat was boring and it went for about 3 hours.when we came back we had lunch and went for a swim witch was nice. I came back and sat down and then had rest. The next morning I woke up and it was still dark but stayed awake.when I came out it was freezing cold.i had a hot chocolate and bread and eggs and tuna. We got ready to go for a swim.we paddled up and paddle back it was so fun we went for a swim but it was a bit cold. Me and dad walked back because it was only a three was really really hot.we had a rest when we got back and read.then we went on another walk it was betta because we rode more.there was aboriginal markings.on the walk we saw lot of bat and we got close to a river and when we got there we just saw a wild pig.
PLEASE READ FO CLASS (Mrs j) Today we arrived Greagry river.cwhen we got there we went for a ride to see what was there.when I came back we went for a swim and floated down the river witch was and dad went again witch betta.we played a game of cards and I get t one correct so I got a lolly.we had dinner after that and then I went straight to bed 😴

6 June 2017

Keep going from one before. Of big crass hopers there were hundreds of them. Then we saw another crocodile and some birds we fed the birds some fish.then we crept going and saw the sunrise it was awesome I took some pictures of it. When we turned around it was about 6:30. We saw another crocodile we crept going and saw another crocodile then we left went back to camp and went to bed.

4 June 2017

PLEASE READ TO CLASS When we got there we went to one camping place and then went to another and another and back again and again. Then we went to one of them and set up. I went for a ride and met a kid.we started playing tigy but then we had to stop and do jobs again.then we left to see the sunrise boring had softdrink and left back to the camp sight. I had a little ride and sat down.then I had dinner and started to read. The next morning we had breakfast and went to Barra discovery Center.we saw some fish there was 2 in one fish tank 0in the other the other one and 1in the last one. Then we left back to the camping place.Riley dad and I went to the beach.we collected about many 30 shells because my pockets were full.we got ready to go on cruise when we got there I sat down and looked over the side. When we started moving I sat back then we went past a massive tank thing. We crept going and saw a crocodile.we crept going and saw a react ship we turned around and saw lots and lots.

2 June 2017

PLEASE READ TO CLASS Today we arrived at mount surprise.Before we got there we went to the undara with massive lava tunnels with bats,Cain toads,dead Cain toads,dead pigs,and dead bugs. When we first went in the first tunnel there was a mat thing to see what animal tracks they could find. The man said that they found a python track. When we finished we had a look at stuf and left to mount surprise.when we got to mount surprise we Set up and I went for a ride straight away.after that I had a shower and came back had dinner and started listening to music.then went to bed. The next morning we woke up to a bad morning because of the galahs. Got out of bed got on my bike and scared some flocks away. I had breakfast and then we went fossicking.(lame).we looked for an hour and only found smoky Quartz and Quartz.then we came back had lunch and went back out again.founed nothing the most fun bit was moving rocks.then we left that place and went to look for more rocks NOTHING BUT ROCKS.

1 June 2017

PLEASE READ TO CLASS today we arrived at a awesome place .before we got there we went to the hot pools powerd hot was so realaxing.there was a warm one warm one hot one really hot one in the adult place.we got changed and left to where we were camping. We might find some cool rocks because we are going fossicking. When we got there I untied my bike and went for a ride.i tried guar 3 witch was good on the dirt road.we sat by the fire and had a popper Riley had coke NOT FAIR.had dinner and went to sleep.
PLEASE READ TO CLASS Today we arrived at Atherton and set up camp at Tinaburra. Mum says it's quaint. It was sightseeing day Mum said. First we went to the Curtain Fig Tree. It was massive. It looked three trees joined. That's because it sends down roots from all its branches. After that we went to Dairyland. It's a dairy farm but it was a cheese making room and a chocolate making room. They use the milk from the cows to make the cheese and chocolate. Outside we saw other farm animals. We saw goats, chickens, calves, llamas and aliens. Well, I thought they looked like aliens because they had dangling bits from the face. Actually it was a turkey. We saw the cows being milked. Our next stop was Crystal Caves. A man has travelled all around the world collecting rocks, crystals, agates, gem stones, and lots of other stones with the names ending in 'ite', and heaps more. He made a cave with lights and put his rocks around. It was awesome. Mum and Dad bought me bike. I love it!

29 May 2017

Paronella Park PLEASE READ TO CLASS Today we arrived at paronella.we got to the reception signed in when we left the reception we got fish food.we set up had lunch and met a man called Joan.he has a dog named Basel.he is 70 in dog life and 10 in human life. We went for a tour and there was a massive waterfall.the water came up to about 10m when it flooded.there is one crocodile that is 2point8 meters long.there are eels and I patted 2.there are turtles and lots of fish. It's the most popular place in qld for was built about 80 years ago. It court on fire in the 1970s twice.half of it is broken now but was handed down to lots of people like wife son daughter.mum ran over my bike accidentally. We went for a night tour and there was a love tunnel that you would run through. It has bats in it now and closed of.there is lots bat POO witch makes it stink ALOT.then at the end it was AWESOME they lit the castle with music lights. From jarrah

28 May 2017

PLEASE READ TO CLASS Today we arrived at Alva. and as soon as we got there I said I'm hungry. but instead I went for a ride on my bike. then we went to the beach. dad Riley and I went across the little bridge of water. I found some Corel then we started heading back. dad said there were stone fish and I stood on one. Riley and dad laughed at me then we went back and me and Charlie went to the pool. Tomorow night we are having pizza night. where we are camping which is going to be AWESOME. then we are leaving the next day witch is šãd vërÿ vėrÿ śäd. It was awesome I had cheese and ham pizza and it was delicious but sad because there was none left soon. but it was delicious food. I finally got a good book it was Charlie and the chococolate facterry I love it. FROM JARRAH
PLEASE READ TO CLASS Today we arrived at finch Hatton. As soon as we got there I said can I go for a ride but mum and dad said no.Sso we set up and I went for a ride with my to brothers. we rode through water that was about 8 cntimeters deep and a really strong current. The guy that owns has a really good place he has a dog and a bird. there are no houses only camp sights where we are at the moment. it is really cool because we can here the water running down the river. we are not aloud to go nere it otherwise we will get in trouble by the owner which will be very bad. there is a eel and turtles and platypus which is really cool we are staying here for 2days in finch Hatton. Tomorrow we are going to go to the platypus look out. to see if we can see any platypus or eels or turtles if we do it will be really awesome. but we got to be quite Otherwise they will go away. after that we might go for a walk across the deep river which will be really awesome. mum and dad won't like

24 May 2017

22 May 2017