United States of America · 8 Days · 4 Moments · July 2015

Jared and Keirra's Adventure to California

18 July 2015

East coast to west coast. A nice 6hour flight.
This is where Palm Springs is. This is the city where our resort is. We also hope to visit LA and San Diego :)

11 July 2015

(Swipe right for more pics) Reading books with Keirra before our trip on the plane! Keirra loves the Curious George one :)
Preparing for travel! Keirra and I have been reading books about planes. Keirra has never been on a plane before, and I have never been on a plane before with a kid! This should be interesting! I booked us a late flight out of Newark in hopes that she would just sleep the whole plane ride through. But traveling alone with a toddler 3000 miles away from home is scary! I've received a lot of tips from various friends on the best way to travel with kids and it is much appreciated. Our resort is in Palm Springs CA. I have been talking to a few friends that live out that way and I am looking forward to meeting up with them again :).