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Japan, Thailand 2019

1 February 2019

Feb 2. Time to travel home. First, we took a little walk around the area near our hotel. We found a neat old Orthodox Church. We ate lunch one last time at Tokyo Station. Then off to Narita airport. A few reflections. The people that we interacted with in both Japan and Thailand were extremely polite and respectful; not only towards us, but toward everyone. But, not only people, toward everything, other living things, their history and their environment. It was wonderful to see. We had a great trip and learned a great deal about another culture.

1 February 2019

A busy day in Tokyo. In the morning, we visited the Edo-Tokyo Museum. It concentrated on Tokyo history from the mid 1600’s to the present. One of the best museums that I have ever visited. We had lunch at a “real” ramen house. Quite amazing! In the afternoon, we went to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. I got a photo of the sun setting over Mt. Fuji. Then off to dinner at the Wiz craft beer restaurant. Travel day tomorrow back to S. D.

31 January 2019

Today we visited the Senso-ji Temple in the Asakusa area of Tokyo. There was a great market just inside the outer gate. We offered to help a couple take a picture and they reciprocated. We then visited Ueno Park and the Tokyo National Museum.

30 January 2019

We visited three very modern areas of Tokyo today; Ginza, Shibuya & Roppongi. I’m not sure that any cities in the U. S. Would compare favorably. They are simply awesome!

29 January 2019

Travel day from Bangkok to Tokyo. I found a great craft beer place near our hotel in downtown Tokyo. They are serving Stone beer along with a few other California craft beers. The weather here is very different from Bangkok.

28 January 2019

Today on the way back home from breakfast, we saw this Monitor Lizard swimming in the canal. In the afternoon, I explored the Bangkok subway system. It is truly beautiful! I also saw the Bangkok train station. A bit run down. I understand that they are building a new one.

27 January 2019

We traveled by metro and taxi to one of the floating markets in Bangkok. Later in the evening, we went to a rooftop restaurant for dinner and drinks. Great view of downtown Bangkok.

26 January 2019

We traveled from Chiangmai to Bangkok. The only interesting thing encountered was the artwork on the airport restroom stall doors.

25 January 2019

This morning, we took a long walk through old town Chiangmai. We saw many beautiful temples and many interesting shops. We took a 3-wheeled tricycle back to our hotel. This evening we ate dinner at the street food market. Very good!

24 January 2019

We took a trip out to the Bo Sang Handicraft Village. We saw ladies making paper umbrellas, silk cloth and jade jewelry. From there, we continued to the Sankamphaeng Hot Springs. In the evening, we found an excellent food night market.

23 January 2019

We walked into old Chiangmai in the morning and checked out the wooden temple. In the afternoon, we took a trip north to a little village that cares for elephants. We got to feed and bathe them. Pretty amazing experience!

22 January 2019

Travel day from Koh Samui to Chiangmai. The Koh Samui airport is really quite beautiful. There is also a neat shrine to be seen as you take off. We took a quick walk around the Chiangmai old city soon after we arrived. We quickly learned how to cross the street. It’s not as simple as in the US.

21 January 2019

Another relaxed last day in Koh Samui. We had an afternoon massage in town and a great dinner on the beach.

20 January 2019

Today was a quiet day at the beach and the swimming pool. We had our last dinner at our favorite restaurant. The owners were nice enough to get a picture with us. I understand that the full moon is a big deal here. I think that it is just an excuse for the tourists to party.

19 January 2019

We took a tour of some of the shrines in the area nearby, including “God of Mercy “, “Big Buddha” and the Mummified Monk. In the afternoon, it rained hard (by San Diego standards) and turned cold (79 degrees). We had a leisurely dinner at our now- favorite restaurant - Aroy Dee. You might not find it on the internet- it’s pretty small.

18 January 2019

We had breakfast at the hotel, overlooking the sea. While we were eating, they had to close the windows because of a big storm. Not dangerous, just fun to watch! After breakfast, we went swimming, part of the time in the rain. Also fun! When we went out for dinner, they had set up a giant street market. Yes, we did buy some stuff.

17 January 2019

Travel day from Bangkok to Koh Samui. We are staying at a beautiful place called Smile House. We found a great little local place for dinner.

16 January 2019

After another wonderful breakfast at Oh’s cafe, we visited Jim Thompson’s house near downtown Bangkok. A very interesting man. Check him out at Wikipedia.

15 January 2019

We had a wonderful birthday lunch for Chris at a great restaurant called Nara. From there, we went to the Central World shopping center. Possibly the largest in the world. When there, some local celebrity had about a thousand teenage girls screaming. We have noticed that there are a lot of pictures of the king all over the city. On the way home, Chris and I stopped at the local English pub.

14 January 2019

We are staying with our friends in a beautiful high rise. We went site seeing/shopping in “yuppie” Bangkok. In the afternoon I got my first Thai massage. (sorry, no photos). In the evening, we ventured into “real Bangkok” to the night market. Very interesting!

13 January 2019

After a wonderful breakfast, we took the metro and a boat ride to the Grand Palace. From there we walked to the shrine of the Reclining Buddha.

12 January 2019

Today is travel day to Bangkok. We took the subway to Tokyo International Airport. We are staying with our friends, Chris and Evelyn near downtown Bangkok. Random things that I noticed about Japan that were different from San Diego: Apparently no one has pets. We only saw one dog in 3 days. They drive on the wrong side of the road. The cars are so shiny. They must polish them every night.

11 January 2019

This morning we walked over to the Imperial Palace. Unfortunately, most areas were closed to the public. But we got to see a few things. This evening, we found a neat shopping center just around the corner. It was beautifully decorated. We had dinner at “real” Japanese neighborhood restaurant.

10 January 2019

This morning we visited the Meiji shrine, built in honor of the former emperor by that name. It is surrounded by a sizable forest. This evening we took a walk around the Ginza district. It’s like Times Square on steroids.

9 January 2019

Day one was a long travel day from San Diego to Tokyo via plane, train and subway. Quite an experience for a couple of San Diegans with little experience with mass transit.