Japan · 63 Days · 14 Moments · March 2018

Japan Study Abroad 2018

2 June 2018

Relaxing day at Zushi beach, warming myself up for Okinawa in July!

14 May 2018

Golden Temple and Bamboo forest in Kyoto!

13 May 2018

A couple pictures from my trip to Osaka, where I stayed in Korea Town, visited the Osaka Castle as well as the Umeda Sky Building for an amazing view!

26 April 2018

A long weekend in Hokkaido, Japan's northern most island where I ate local dishes like curry soup, Japan's best miso ramen, and fresh fish straight from the market. I also visited the Sapporo Beer Museum/Factory as well as a chocolate factory that Hokkaido is famous for.

15 April 2018

A must-when in Japan, and my go to meal whenever I want to feel like I was just shot with a horse tranquilizer due to the generous amount of curry, rice, and fried pork: CoCo Curry!

14 April 2018

Today, I went to Odaiba to see the big Gundam robot. I also found a mall where the ceiling makes it look like you are outside, as well as a mini Statue of Liberty.

13 April 2018

Went to run some errands in Omiya today. Also managed to eat at my first Korean-style barbeque restaurant and swing by an arcade.

7 April 2018

Travelled to Akihabara, one of the anime and game capitals of Japan. There I played Taiko no Tatsujin, a game where you furiously pound drums to the beat of Japanese pop and rock songs until your arms feel like ramen noodles.
The Meijijingu Shrine
My trip to Shibuya-ku consisted of seeing the famous Hachiko statue, eating at a restaurant where I fried my own Yakisoba noodles, witnessing real life Mario Kart, and discovering an American delicacy in Japan: Taco Bell.

4 April 2018

Ventured to Ueno Park in Tokyo to try to find some cherry blossoms. I found a couple, in addition to some cool spots: a pond and small waterfall area, and a temple!
Bored during the evening? Why not just pop over to Tokyo for a walk around downtown!

3 April 2018

If I ever want steak or hamburgers, I found the restaurant to go to!
The view from the front door of my apartment.